Bilateral Cultural Cooperation Agreements

Key objectives of the measure:

Through the instrumentality of Bilateral Cultural Agreements, existing between Nigeria and about 70 countries, she has been
able to create enabling environments and necessary legal framework for the mobility of her arts and culture, including
cultural professionals.

These bilateral cultural agreements encourage the exchange of cultural workers, as well as diverse forms of her cultural expressions. However, some countries such as United States of America and Great Britain do not have cultural agreements with Nigeria and so penetrating such countries with her cultural expressions has not been too smooth.

The recent establishment of Nigerian Cultural centres in countries such as China and Brazil has helped in promoting Nigerian Cultural expressions in these countries. Nigeria is considering establishing at least 6 of such cultural centres around the world. The country has also been organising an African Art Expo which has created an avenue for the exposition of various cultural expressions among African nations.

Goal(s) of UNESCO's 2005 Convention
Cultural Domain(s)