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Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)
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During 2019-2020, the ACMA commenced a cross-agency project relating to news. The purpose of this project was to examine Australia’s contemporary news environment, including market developments and consumer expectations, to support analysis of whether existing safeguards continue to be fit for purpose. The news project focused on two themes relating to key public policy objectives and existing regulatory settings for the news and media market: commercial influence and impartiality in broadcast news; and diversity and localism in news more broadly.

In January 2020, ACMA released a discussion paper to gauge whether current regulatory mechanisms directed to ensuring impartiality and restricting commercial influence in broadcast news and current affairs continue to provide appropriate community safeguards. Submissions were published on the ACMA website and ACMA also published a literature review on these matters and the results of consumer research. Further review of the matters raised during the consultation was deferred due to industry pressures relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. Related work is expected to recommence at an appropriate time.

In December 2020, the ACMA released a paper on News in Australia: diversity and localism - News measurement framework. This paper outlines the ACMA’s thinking on how a measurement framework could potentially be designed. It is the result of broad consideration of issues, commissioned research, desktop research and stakeholder and academic consultation.

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