Artist Residency Under the Theme of Climate Change

Republic of Korea
Producer Group DOT
This measure was reported by civil society.
Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
The Producer Group DOT is a collective group of independent performing arts producers formed in August 2014. Currently, four performing arts producers are leading the planning and operation of diverse projects in the fields of theater, dance, and interdisciplinary arts, such as creation of performing arts, international co-production, international exchange, and international residency research. With the main topic of contemporary art, DOT explores topics such as Asian solidarity, cities, borders, refugees, disabilities, and climate change. It creates and plans art projects through creative collaboration with artists in the fields of theater, dance, and interdisciplinary arts. For the past four years (2019-2022), based on themes around city and art, disability and art, technology society and art, and climate change and art, DOT planned projects such as climate change residency, technology lab, and connected city. Asia Producer Platform (APP) and Artists’ Residency at Arts Farm Tutbat – Climate Change are some of the major projects of DOT. The Asia Producer Platform (APP) was established in 2013 by individual producers from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Australia. The Producer Group DOT is the founding and planning member of APP in Korea. About 100 independent producers from Korea, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Indonesia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia are participating. Each year, APP operates camp and online programs where about 50 Asian performing arts producers participate. As such, DOT introduces contemporary Korean artworks abroad, and continues to promote international tours, international cooperation projects as well as co-productions. Artists’ Residency at Arts Farm Tutbat – Climate Change is a thematic residency that started in 2020. Diverse artists, planners and researchers participate from the fields such as theater, visual arts, films, videos, literature, and interdisciplinary arts gather to study climate change, one of the most important topics in current times. The 2020 and 2021 residency programs were operated with a big theme of ‘The Change of Perception and Perspective on Climate Change’, and 2022 set the sub-theme of ‘Energy’ under the theme of ‘The Change of Perspective’. There are 4 types of residency program. First, the 'Common Workshop' is formed through workshops and lectures where all the resident artists participate in. Second, the 'Individual Research' is a research or work activity conducted independently by each participating artist. Third, the 'Online Residency' is where all the participating artists communicate online. Lastly, the 'Arts Farm Tutbat' is where the participating artists share their results of residency activities in various forms such as exhibitions and performances. In particular, the Arts Farm Tutbat program ran local research exhibitions and environmental filming programs which gained great sympathy from local citizens on climate change. There will be more opportunities where local citizens participate in art projects directly or indirectly through diverse opportunities with local communities who are interested in climate change. In addition, DOT has carried out production and distribution projects with the themes of disability, art, and refugees. Under the theme of disability and art, DOT held a workshop for development of inclusive arts creation (2019), a research and workshop for audience development (2019), and an audio description workshop of dance performance for the visually impaired (2020-2021). In 2022, DOT proceeded with a workshop for performance arts creation and development.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
Starting with Korea in 2014, Asia Producer Platform (APP) selected a specific country to conduct an APP camp each year. By 2022, a total of six camps have been organized. Artists’ Residency at Arts Farm Tutbat – Climate Change has been running for three years since 2020. It runs Climate Change Residency every six month and holds three workshops to proceed individual and group research to share the results with the local citizens. There are smaller themes within the residency of「Talking about Environment in Hwacheon 2020」,「The Change of the Perspective, The Viewpoints over the World」,「Climate Change and Energy」. Artists participating in the residency has the opportunity to share their residency works by participating in various forums, lectures, and webzine domestically or abroad. In addition, the works presented at the residency are invited to festivals, theaters, and galleries, expanding the concept of 'art and climate change' within the fields of art. This, in turn, naturally builds a network of climate change artists.