Art Subsidy Programme

Key objectives of the measure:

The system of subsidies of the Ministry is one of the key means for promoting contemporary art for non-government and non-state organizations operating in various areas of professional art.

  1. In its Art Subsidy Programme in terms of the production and dissemination of works of art and their reflections and educational programme in culture, the Ministry supports projects in the sphere of professional art aimed at the public presentation or publication of art reflections, the publishing of periodical and non-periodical publications, theatre and musical productions and presentations, the implementation and public presentation of works of visual art, the release of audio and visual recordings, the implementation of cultural events, festivals, competitions and similar activities of national significance and the payment of membership fees in international organizations for applicants conducting their activities in the area of culture, as well as for the internal development of individual areas of culture and education through culture and art. The Ministry provides subsidies for these purposes within the following sub-programmes: Theatre and dance (professional cultural activities), Music (professional cultural activities), Fine art, applied art, photography, design, architecture (professional cultural activities), Inter-sector professional cultural activities (events that are the summary of activities of several types of art) and Literature and book culture.
  2. The subsidy system was introduced through the modification of internal managing acts approved by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic (Decree No. MK-3026/2008-10/11619 of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic of 26 August 2008 on the Provision of Subsidies within the Ministry Competence). Since 2011, the Ministry provides subsidies pursuant to Act No. 434/2010 on the Provision of Subsidies within the Ministry Competence which regulates the purpose, extent, method and conditions for the provision of these subsidies.
  3. The qualitative growth of professional art in all its areas and the sustainability of art life at the national and international levels constitutes the challenge in introducing the measure.
  4. The measurable indicator of effect is the support of projects in the area of professional art expressed in figures. In 2008, at total of 1,180 projects were supported within the framework of the Art Programme in the total sum of 4,148,011 €; in 2009, a total of 1,490 projects were supported in the total sum of 4,683,090 €; in 2010, a total of 855 projects were supported in the total sum of 4,483,275 € and in 2011, a total of 796 projects in the total sum of 4,319,800 € were supported.
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