Activities of Cooperativa 19

Cooperativa 19
This measure was reported by civil society.
Describe the main features of the measure/initiative: 
Cooperativa 19 operates in the suburb of the city of Bolzano, in the very north of Italy. Our mission is to develop cultural project and creative products (video, documentaries) featured by strong social and cultural outcome on the local community. Cultural and creative sectors: - Make it visible – contemporary arts residency for youth. A cultural project for under 35 people interested in developing social innovation initiative drive by arts and new technology approach ( - Stagione Estiva Don Bosco – 10 years old festival of music, theater and performance that lights the Semirurali Park in the Don Bosco district. Organised in partnership with principal cultural institutions of the regione Alto Adige – Suedtirol ( - Bolzanism Museion – the first Italian widespread museion on social housing. Theatrical guides in the Europa Novacella and Don Bosco districts of Bolzano to encourage new storytelling and people engagement related to the suburbs ( - Artoteca Alto Adige Artothek Suedtirol – a library for visual piece of arts. An innovative way to link local artists to common people ( Cinema/audiovisual: - “Luca + Silvana”, 2019 documentary - A love story with tragicomic undertones that will make us reflect on how our society perceives the Down Syndrome ( - “Bar Mario”, 2016 documentary - Since 70 years the “ship” Bar Mario is berthed in the middle of the Dolomites. The captain Marina, a middle age woman/wife/mum, runs the bar, take care of her husband and at the same time raises a son that is regarded “special” by society. The customers of this café live together with the family, only one door separates the bar from the rest of their house. In Bar Mario reality and fiction are mixed together; a tragicomic portrait of a big extended Italian family.
What are the results achieved so far through the implementation of the measure/initiative?: 
Stagione Estiva Don Bosco – 2000 people as audience every years Make it visible – 15 partecipants every years, 2 of them entered the local creative cultural system every year Artoteca – 50 local artists, 230 piece of arts Bolzanism Museum – open yesterday (09/07/2020)
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