The 75% Local Content Policy

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation
Key objectives of the measure:
  • Availing opportunities to local artists by increasing the listenership base for their works
  • Boosting of creativity as artists will be motivated to produce high quality products
  • Employment creation throughout the value chain especially of music
  • Preservation and promotion of Zimbabwean culture


Scope of the measure:
Nature of the measure:
regulatory, institutional
Main feature of the measure:
  • Increase in broadcasting and airing local productions
  • Empowerment of local artists
  • Enhancement of creativity amongst artists
  • Opening up of more players in broadcasting services
  • Brings about a sense of pride in national culture and heritage
Results expected through the implementation of the measure:

Zimbabwean artist in general and musicians in particular were getting a raw deal from radio and television stations. The Disc Jockeys, prior to the introduction of the 75% local content policy, were not playing local music on air. They were mainly interested music from outside Zimbabwe’s borders which they felt was more popular than local music. The fortunes of musicians improved with the introduction of the policy which sought to improve the lot of musicians. The Policy also revolutionized Zimbabwean music as more genres found their way onto the music market. The rise of the Urban Grooves and the Zimdancehall movement can be directly traced to the introduction of the policy. The opening up of the air waves has provided opportunities for more players in radio and television. These have become important platforms for the expression of cultural diversity.

Financial resources allocated to implement the measure:


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