MobiCINE: Transforming film distribution and access

Association Culture WAW
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June 2018 to November 2019

About the project

The Association Culture WAW, a non-profit organization committed to promoting cinema and sustainable development in Africa, proposes to:1) Develop the capacities necessary to manage MobiCINE;2) Implement MobiCINE in six regions of Senegal during a pilot phase;3) Support the empowerment of young cultural entrepreneurs.

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Main activities
  • Training of 90 young cultural entrepreneurs, selected through an open call from six regions in Senegal, in the areas of fundraising, communication, public relations and film distribution.
  • Selection of the three best participants from each of the six regional workshops, following evaluation at the end of the training, with consideration to gender equality criteria, to manage a MobiCINE during the pilot phase.
  • Implementation of one MobiCINE per region during a one-year pilot phase.
  • Establishment of contracts with the 18 trained young cultural entrepreneurs for the provision of equipment, consisting of a trycicle, a video projector, a giant screen, a digital camera for the production of local content, a portable solar generator and 100 chairs for spectators.
  • Consolidation of six independent permanent structures for film projection in each region after the pilot phase, including contracts for the transfer of material, catalogues of African films and distribution agreements, thanks to the incomes generated during the pilot phase.
How does this project contribute to the implementation of the 2005 Convention?
  • Develops access to cinema in six regions of Senegal, contributing to the distribution of African films and encouraging new market development – MobiCINE offers an innovative alternative to the closing of cinemas in Senegal and promotes the consumption of African films while protecting copyrights.
  • Implements innovative business models and digital solutions applied to increase the distribution and access to African films in disadvantage locations, by providing training and equipment to young cultural entrepreneurs – The franchise business model offers sustainable job opportunities to young cultural entrepreneurs who are trained and supported according to pre-determined standards. Furthermore, it increases access to culture for populations living in disadvantaged geographical locations.