Engaging Tirana’s communities in public art and policy


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Ed Jansen Twin Peaks Rewire Festival

Ekphrasis Studio
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March 2018 to December 2019

About the project

Ekphrasis Studio, a non-profit organization with experience in supporting national and international projects related to the culture and creative industries, proposes to develop a public art policy and action plan by:1) Raising awareness about art in public and shared spaces in Albania by conducting and publishing research;2) Strengthening institutional cooperation by creating sustainable cooperative networks;3) Submitting policy recommendations and an action plan;4) Engaging communities in Tirana through participative activities.

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Main activities
  • Research on public policy and Albanian public art.
  • Publication and presentation at the national level of the research findings through the distribution of over 1000 copies of printed material among stakeholders.
  • Creation a specific website to publish project outcomes and provide daily updates on activities that will serve as an archive, accessible in English and Albanian.
  • Organization of meetings and consultations in Tirana among experts, local communities, civil society, the private sector and neighboring countries to establish networks.
  • Identification of gaps, needs, challenges and target measures to improve gender equality to be included in the recommendations.
  • Elaboration of recommendations for a public art policy in Tirana and an action plan following consultations with relevant stakeholders and established networks.
  • Publication of the action plan as a guide for other municipalities in Albania.
  • Conceptualization and introduction of a participatory decision-making process involving the concerned communities and different stakeholders, encouraging the use of criteria such as innovation, thematic interest (gender, human rights, environment) and type of applicant (women and minority groups).
  • Selection of public art projects through collaborative initiatives, to be financed through grants, following an open call for proposals.
How does this project contribute to the implementation of the 2005 Convention?
  • Contributes to a sustainable system of governance for public art though the introduction of a participatory process involving cross-sectoral cooperation and civil society engagement – The involvement of a wide range of stakeholders in the development of the policy recommendations and action plan, as well as public access to the findings of the research, are key to achieving a more transparent and accountable process for policy making.
  • Targets excluded groups in order to widen their participation in the creation and production of public art – Through research and awareness raising, the project introduces specific criteria that will encourage greater participation of minority groups in the selection of public art grants.
  • Supports policy measures to improve gender equality in public art and encourages themes that reflect on gender equality – The recommendations specifically target measures aimed at improving women’s representation as creators by emphasizing support for public art projects for Albanian female artists.