Retina Latina: Strengthening the Latin American film industry in the digital age

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Ministry of Culture of Colombia – Department of Cinematography
Country of applicant: 
Beneficiary countries: 
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
Funds allocated (in USD): 
Project implementation period: 
March 2018 to March 2019

About the project

The Department of Cinematography of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, in partnership with its counterparts in Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay, proposes to:1) Further the distribution and access to Latin American cinema by improving the digital platform Retina Latina;2) Reinforce strategies for the distribution of Latin American cinema through capacity building;3) Achieve regional integration and create partnerships through the platform;4) Create a communication strategy to position Latin American cinema and increase audiences at the regional and international levels.

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Main activities
  • Development and launch of a mobile application for the digital platform Retina Latina, which will be available for free.
  • Organization of a capacity-building workshop to train 30 young filmmakers from Latin America and the Caribbean to develop skills on the creation of new business models for film distribution.
  • Attract at least two new Film Boards to the Retina Latina networks by the six original project partners (Film Boards from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Pero and Uruguay).
  • Add five films to the Platform.
  • Establish at least one partnership with an international cultural agent, which the six original project partners would nurture and monitor.
  • Develop a communication, positioning, promotion and distribution strategy for Retina Latina to be implemented in at least five Latin American and international cinema events.
How does this project contribute to the implementation of the 2005 Convention?

- Contributes to a more balanced flow of North-South and South-South cultural goods and services by improving access to regional and international markets for Latin American cinema through promotional mechanisms and the creation and reinforcement of South-South cooperation. Retina Latina and its mobile application will be the key elements to increase consumption, diffusion and knowledge of Latin American cinema thanks to its free services. It will also be a common initiative between Latin-American countries to reinforce regional cooperation and increase the presence of Latin American films in regional and international markets. - Contributes to the sustainable development of the Latin American film industry through the implementation of digital solutions, as well as through the reinforcement of capacities regarding innovative business models for distribution and broader access. Retina Latina and its mobile application provide innovative solutions for the region and the workshop will allow young filmmakers to apply new distribution methodologies.