The Business of Plays: transforming the Theatre industry


National Union of Theatre Workers of Ukraine (NUTWU)
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April 2018 to October 2019

About the project

The National Union of Theatre Workers of Ukraine (NUTWU), a non-governmental and non-profit professional organization committed to the development of the national theatre environment, proposes to:1) Support cultural policy reforms to build a competitive theatre environment through the elaboration of recommendations based on field research and the active involvement of a variety of stakeholders;2) Increase the level of professionalism and reinforce the skills of cultural operators through capacity-building activities;3) Support the creation of networks among Ukrainian theatre professionals and promote cooperation with European counterparts.

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Main activities
  • Elaboration and wide publication of recommendations for the improvement of the theatre sector and its policy support frameworks.
  • Field research conducted by 30 selected and trained researchers on the Ukrainian theatre environment to understand its current state and potential contribution to social and economic development.
  • Training of 60 Ukrainian theater professionals and artists in strategic planning, fundraising, project and financial management strategies. They will then be encouraged to develop at least 30 different projects related to the modernization of the sector.
  • Production, implementation and evaluation of a capacity-building plan based on the identification of capacity gaps, which will become a strategic part of NUTWU’s permanent activities after the project’s completion.
  • Organization of multiple events such as conferences, forums and awareness-raising activities to build professional networks within the theatre community.
  • Collection and dissemination of best practices and lessons learned related to theater management, cultural leadership and strategic planning through an online library.
How does this project contribute to the implementation of the 2005 Convention?
  • Promotes the restructuring of the theatre sector’s governance framework, fosters public information sharing and strengthens the participation of civil society in policy making and implementation. Thanks to extensive research and the involvement of a variety of stakeholders, the project provides support for long-term reforms in the theatre sector initiated by the Ministry of Culture and civil society representatives. The project seeks to change the way policy implementation strategies are elaborated by engaging theatre professionals as civil society actors.
  • Fosters the participation of theatre professionals in networks and information exchanges within Ukraine and the European Union. Project activities provide opportunities for the creation and reinforcement of networks and promote cooperation between public and private theatres.
  • Contributes to improve the capacities and skills of theatre professionals and artists. Young theatre managers are specifically targeted and a large-scale campaign aiming at changing the professional mindsets is developed to modernize and restructure the theatre sector.