Entrepreneurs for Diversity (E4D): Strengthening regional creative industries in Mesoamerica

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Ventana a la Diversidad (Window to Diversity)
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May 2018 to October 2019

About the project

Ventana a la Diversidad, an international non-governmental organization, committed to strengthening intercultural innovative approaches and networks based on new technologies, proposes to:1) Design and implement the VEDI Campus, a blended-learning platform for cultural entrepreneurs;2) Develop and implement VEDI Space, a creative entrepreneurial incubator for young people comprised of an innovative ICT-base for cultural and creative industries;3) Design and implement a promotional campaign around E4D’s methodology at the national, regional and international levels.

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Main activities
  • Creation of VEDI Campus, an e-learning platform made up of pedagogical modules designed on the basis of an operational planning, approved by project partners.
  • Selection of 50 students from marginalized and indigenous communities in Guatemala and Mexico through a gender and cultural diversity-sensitive approach, following an open call.
  • VEDI Campus is implemented though 50 training hours and student tutoring to complete a cultural entrepreneurship project proposal.
  • Implementation of two VEDI Space incubators and a laboratory for creative industries. Two spaces are fully equipped, and local experts from Mesoamerican regions in Mexico and Guatemala are trained in the usage of VEDI Space facilities.
  • Implementation of 2 VEDI Space incubators and launch of the project’s pilot phase  in both Mexico and Guatemala, including the training of local staff in the use of equipment, tools and methodological approach.
  • Development of two project proposals by two teams of around 20 young cultural entrepreneurs from Guatemala and Mexico, to be presented to networks of potential customers, investors and incubators.
  • Creation and dissemination of promotional videos and social media publications describing the process behind the creation and the pilot implementation of VEDI Campus and VEDI Space.
  • Promotion of the E4D methodology among the VEDI network, potential partners, donors and policymakers at the national (Guatemala and Mexico), regional (Latin America) and international levels.
How does this project contribute to the implementation of the 2005 Convention?
  • Promotes mechanisms and networks to improve access to regional and global markets for Mesoamerican cultural goods and facilitates the mobility of young indigenous artists and cultural professionals. By creating a brand and providing over 15 mobility grants, collaborative networks and multimedia tools are established.


  • Contributes to the sustainable development of cultural and creative industries in Mesoamerica through innovative business models and digital solutions. An innovative model will be introduced for capacity building through a blended e-learning platform, mentoring programs and incubators for young cultural entrepreneurs from underprivileged, marginalized and/or underrepresented groups from Guatemala and Mexico.


  • Involves professional capacity development activities targeting women as cultural entrepreneurs and focused on improving gender balance in the digital creative industries – setting a goal of a 6:4 female to male ratio for participants attending the campus and incubators and providing focused training to women to address any existing capacity inequalities.