Cartography and capacity building for cultural industries in Bogotá

Chamber of Commerce of Bogota - CCB
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Project implementation period: 
March 2017 to July 2018

About the project

Main activities:

  • Mapping of the cultural industries in Bogotá, leading to the production and dissemination of a document containing the methodology used, as well as an analysis of the existing offer, the potential and the challenges faced by Bogotá’s cultural industries


  • Developing a training programme for around 150 entrepreneurs in performing arts, publishing and visual arts in collaboration with professionals from partner institutions and advisers from cultural enterprises


  • Preparing an easily replicable and useful training module for enterprises in the sector, based on an analysis of training activities and on the feedback from project beneficiaries

 How does this project contribute to the implementation of the 2005 Convention? 

  • Makes targeted interventions thanks to the latest and most accurate information: the resulting mapping and documents serve as a starting point for developing evidence-based action plans and cultural policies for the city’s cultural industries, which can then be replicated at national and regional levels


  • Encourages the active participation and involvement of a wide range of stakeholders from all sectors: training activities will be developed taking into account the participation of cultural entrepreneurs, professionals from partner institutions and cultural enterprise advisers


  • Strengthens local skills and professional capacities: the project offers training activities to professionals working in cultural and creative SMEs