“Emerging Youth”: Strengthening sub-regional cooperation and promoting young talents in the African music sector

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Beneficiary countries: 
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Project implementation period: 
May 2015 to May 2016

About the project

About the project:The project aims at empowering Chadian youth through reinforcing their creative and technical skills and at promoting cooperation among young talents from Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Gabon through network-building activities.About the organization:The Réseau culturel et artistique pour la formation et la Francophonie (RECAF) is a non-governmental organization committed to improving education and artistic opportunities for Chadian youth.Expected results:

  • 13 young African artists are empowered.
  • Cooperation among professionals working in the African music sector is strengthened.

Main activities:

  • Implementing, for 10 Chadian artists, training courses on vocal technique and sound and light management, during one month, at the Espace de Création et d’Acompagement Musical and the Institut Français in N’Djamena.
  • Connecting the Chadian artists with three artists from Cameroon, Congo and Gabon to jointly participate in a residency programme to strengthen their creative capacities.
  • Producing and presenting an original collective music piece, resulting from the collaboration, at the NdjamVi Festival, as well as recording and selling an album made up of eight songs to the public, giving the profits to all the artists involved.
  • Organizing a meeting for over 50 public authorities, artists, festival directors, cultural managers, producers and journalists to foster collaborations, the creation of networks and the access to regional markets.

How does this project contribute to the implementation of the 2005 Convention?

  • Contributes to the strengthening of the African music industry – by conducting capacity building workshops and networking activities to support the active participation of youth in the African music industry, RECAF ensures that a greater diversity of cultural goods and services can reach the marketplace.
  • Promotes the exchange of key information on the sub-regional music sector – by organizing a stakeholder’s meeting, the project will reveal relevant information about the music sector in several African countries for a broad array of stakeholders.