Promoting the role of culture in national development

Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Communication
Country of applicant: 
Burkina Faso
Beneficiary countries: 
Burkina Faso
Funds allocated (in USD): 
Project implementation period: 
April 2011 to April 2012

About the project

About the projectThe Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Communication aims to design and carry out a national study on the contribution of the cultural sector to the social and economic development of Burkina-Faso. The resulting statistics and findings will guide the work of national officials and strengthen arguments to promote culture as a factor of development. Main activities:

  • Creating a multidisciplinary team of experts;
  • Designing the survey to cover 13 regions of Burkina Faso; 
  • Holding training sessions for the pollsters; 
  • Collection of data, along with the organization of a media campaign to encourage participation in the process;
  • Collecting and analyzing the collected data; and
  • Ensuring publication and national dissemination of the results of the study, including through mass media.