Developing new business models for the music industry

World Rhythm Productions
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April 2010 to April 2012

About the project

About the projectThe project “Proximus Rezo” aims to reinforce the national capacities of the recording industry in Benin by establishing a local distribution and sales network, and it is organized by World Rhythm Productions. By developing a more sustainable business model and by reinvesting profits back into the industry and artists’ associations, the project will provide artists with potential long-term opportunities and help improve the sustainability of Benin’s music sector. Main activities

  • Setting up one hundred sale points in strategic areas in Cotonou, including providing them with necessary equipment;
  • Acquiring wholesale the best albums by Beninese artists selected through a contest;
  • Setting up a promotional phase through television and radio broadcasts;
  • Organizing the sales of the selected albums;
  • Producing a sustainable business model for Benin’s cultural sector; and
  • Reinvesting the profit earned back into the industry and artists’ associations.