Vocational training to reinforce employment in the performing arts

Fundación Teatro Argentino de La Plata
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August 2011 to May 2012

About the project

 About the projectThe project, conducted by the Fundacion Teatro Argentino de la Plata, aims to create a performing arts and technical training school aimed at unemployed adults and youth in Argentina. Regional scholarships will be provided. The Institute of Culture of the Province of Buenos Aires and the National Ministry of Labor are important partners, in particular to help with job placements following the training program. Main activities:

  • Training 150 students in theatre production techniques through workshops conducted by qualified professionals and regional experts belonging to the network of municipal theatres, “Opera Latin America” (OLA);
  • Delivering a distance learning programme accessible from the Fundacion’s website;
  • Establishing institutional partners and developing a professional network grouping key actors from the public and private sectors;
  • Designing and implementing a communication campaign to promote the activities of the school both locally and nationally.