ResiliArt: #DontGoViral - Fighting the infodemic through culture

Art makes us resilient.  It can also save lives.

Today, we’re not just fighting an epidemic - we’re fighting an infodemic. False information and rumours about COVID-19 have life-threatening consequences, and they are spreading fast. But we have an antidote: awareness-raising through arts. From songs about hand washing to graffiti on physical distancing, artists across Africa are using their creativity to combat the infodemic. Solidarity, embodied by the spirit of Ubuntu, is a core value of African society.


Since the launch of ResiliArt, a global movement that sheds light on the impact of the pandemic on cultural industries through virtual discussions, over 30 countries including the Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe have joined in. “Talent is not the problem. It is concrete support systems and respect for the arts that we need,” said one panelist in Uganda. Over 15 countries across Africa are now preparing their own ResiliArt debates to capture the continent’s creativity and resilience.

ResiliArt invites you to the special debate and concert “Fighting the Infodemic through Culture”

UNESCO launched #DontGoViral campaign that crowdsources creative content like songs and dance in African languages to inform communities about how to prevent the spread of COVID-19. On 25 May, Africa Day, ResiliArt is coming together with #DontGoViral and WAN for a special debate and concert that celebrates the crucial role music plays during lockdowns as well as during the recovery phase. The debate will also shed light on the social and economic challenges they face and discuss how music can be a tool to fight disinformation. This virtual discussion will be followed by a musical performance by more than twenty renowned artists from across Africa and the African diaspora.

Join us!

Moderator: Valeriane Gauthier (Journalist, France 24)


Siti Amina (Singer and musician)

Kareytse Fotso (Singer)

Youssou N’Dour (Singer, songwriter, composer, entrepreneur, and politician)

Neila Tazi (Founder and the President of A3 Group)

Danny Lee (Rapper and founder of the “Raised Fists” Collective)

Zolani Mahola (Singer, actress and inspiration speaker)


In partnership with

  • Worldwide Afro Network (WAN)
  • Innovation for Policy Foundation
  • France 24

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