International Call for candidatures (CLOSED) - Renewal of the UNESCO-EU Expert Facility

A call for expression of interest is launched for the renewal of the UNESCO-EU Expert Facility aimed at supporting capacity development initiatives for the implementation and promotion of the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

The UNESCO-EU Expert Facility acts as an international pool of recognized experts (independent consultants, academics and researchers, governmental officials and civil servant, cultural operators, managers of cultural institutions or associations, etc.) that have a relevant experience in designing or implementing policies to support cultural and creative sectors.

In response to needs and priorities identified by the governing bodies of the 2005 Convention as well as by developing countries, experts can be called upon to  deliver country-level assistance in different thematic areas of the Convention and through different modalities (workshops, advisory technical assistance, short and long-term capacity-building interventions, mentoring, coaching, etc).

UNESCO is looking for experts who have a proven knowledge/experience of the 2005 Convention, solid experience of carrying out technical assistance in developing countries, and professional experience in the field of cultural and creative industries relating to areas such as : institutional organization of creative sectors; development and implementation of overall policies, strategies, regulatory frameworks for the creative sectors; implementation of international cooperation projects; financing; developing and strengthening a specific sector (e.g., publishing, visual arts, film, music, copyright and related rights, etc.); data collection in the cultural and creative sectors (See Call and Application Form).

Established in 2011, the UNESCO-EU Facility was renewed in 2015.  The purpose of this Call is to renew the Facility for a 4-year mandate (2019-2022). The Call is launched within the context of the UNESCO/European Union project “Expert Facility on the Governance of Culture in Developing Countries: Creating a new regulatory environment for the cultural and creative industries and South-South cooperation”.