Improving the Status of the Artists in East Africa

Djibouti and Mauritius have both recently taken initiatives to strengthen the socio-economic conditions of their artists, in accordance with the 1980 Recommendation on the Status of the Artist.

In recent years, several African countries have enhanced legislation related to this essential issue which ensures that artists can continue their work and enjoy the same rights as other working citizens, despite the atypical nature of their work. This includes access to social protection, fair taxation rules, access to visas and information, as well as ensuring sufficient copyright legislation so that artists can financially benefit from their work.

A national consultation took place in Djibouti on 28 - 29 December 2016 on the National Day of Dijbouti Artists. The participants came up with 11 recommendations, which were presented to the President of the Republic Ismail Omar Guelleh by the singer Don Deltafe.

 Mauritius held its national workshop from 2-17 February. Different ministerial stakeholders, as well as artists themselves participated in the discussions. There will be a follow-up meeting in late April.

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