Culture in crisis – New UNESCO publication offers tips for resilient creative industries beyond COVID-19

The health crisis has had a profound impact on the culture sector and its workers. Due to the often-informal nature of their employment, cultural professionals are often excluded from conventional social or economic safety nets, making measures tailored to workers in the creative sector vital for their survival. In the new publication Culture in crisis: Policy guide for a resilient creative sector, UNESCO provides guidance to policymakers on how to effectively address culture in COVID-19 recovery plans and rebuild the creative industry stronger.

At the onset of the pandemic, UNESCO began collecting good practices and innovative responses from around the world with a view to developing a comprehensive crisis-response guide for policymakers. The resulting publication, Culture in crisis, offers practical advice and adaptable measures on how to meet the most pressing needs of the artists and cultural professionals. These measures also contribute to long-term structural changes towards more resilient creative industries of tomorrow.