4 New projects awarded under UNESCO-Sabrina Ho initiative

“You Are Next”, a UNESCO-Sabrina Ho initiative, rewards four outstanding projects which will be presented at UNESCO Headquarters on Tuesday 11 December 2018.


Title of project: Women Audio Visual Education - WAVE

Submitted by: Ayyam Al Masrah (Theatre Day Productions)

Theatre Day Productions (TDP) mission is to make drama, theatre, and creative activities more accessible for children and youth-adults (male & female), so they can find their individual voice, their sense of self, and discover their creative life; in stimulating these activities. Through their activities, the role of women and girls in cultural work and arts will be recognized and supported as an agent for vitality and transformation in Palestinian society, in the long term.


Summary of project: The project intersects three key elements in the audiovisual curriculum: digital audiovisual animation, drama & storytelling and vocational training with new technologies and equipment used in the audiovisual digital sector. Young women will be able to create short videos by using their smartphone. The training suggests an in-depth, robust training program which, with its methodology of promoting the constant involvement of the trainees with their communities, will potentially have a strong impact and is consistent with the level of change aspired to.

The project aims to increase the number of digital-audiovisual productions from Palestine and present them during international festivals and regional markets.

Amount funded: 96 000 USD


Title of the project: DigitELLES

Submitted by: Africulturban

Africulturban association aims to establish an enabling environment for the creation and production of cultural goods to increase opportunities, for young and women artists. To do so, Africulturban promotes the dissemination and development of Hip Hop and urban cultures through various projects.


Summary of the project: The project will increase the professional opportunities of 20 women entrepreneurs, under 40, working in the music industry. As a first step, a digital technical training will strengthen their digital skills on music creation and production and improve their artistic practice. With the collaboration of Positive Planet International, the beneficiaries will also receive training in entrepreneurial management. 

Amount funded: 95 115 USD


Title of project: Digital Arts Academy

Submitted by: Bactria Cultural Centre/ACTED

Bactria Cultural Centre is a branch of the Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED) to address the lack of access to culture, information and vocational training in Tajikistan and Central Asia. Since then Bactria has become a focal point in the cultural and educational life of the region and built a network of artists, curators, producers, managers, and sponsors in the creative industries.


Summary of the project: The project will establish a Digital Academy in Dushanbe for female cultural entrepreneurs under 40 from Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The academy will offer courses on coding, digital creation (motion, graphic, and web design, video editing, animation, etc.) and entrepreneurship. All artistic outputs of the young women will be publicized, via a creative digital campaign designed by the graduates themselves, to help make visible the role of these women as representatives of the present and future of the digital creative industries.

This project will empower young women in Tajikistan and Afghanistan and provide them with new skills in the professional technical occupations within the creative industries. Through their digital artistic productions, young women will contribute to the cultural industries and digital arts scene of Central Asia for the first time.

Amount funded: 100 000 USD


Title of the project: #BeYourVoice

Submitted by: Artes Escénicas Teatro De Aire A.C.

Artes Escénicas Teatro de Aire A.C. is an NGO based in Mexico. Its main objective is to promote cultural access in México, by producing artistic and cultural programs for youth.


Summary of project: #BeYourVoice will provide an original skill-training program on Virtual Reality/VR experience, with an interactive didactic tool. #BeYourVoice is useful for an educational new model, both in form and content; ensuring the transformation of 100 women through the unlimited potential of the virtual world.

With this project, women will produce content using the virtual reality technologies. Through their productions, young women will provide a new space for women of their generation and create a new market for the digital creative industries in Mexico.

Amount funded: 94 405 USD

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