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News | Call for Applications: Immersive residency for African female filmmakers

 “It is important for the film sector to make the voice of Africa heard, to support the emergence of diverse cultural expressions, put forth new ideas and emotions, and make sure that women as creators contribute... › Read more


Event | Burkina Faso: towards a third quadrennial periodic report

Burkina Faso is in the process of drafting its third quadrennial periodic report from 3 to 7 December 2019 in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso. On this occasion, a multi-stakeholder national team appointed by the Ministry... › Read more


Event | Zimbabwe reviews its cultural policies and past practices

Several activities will be organised in Zimbabwe by UNESCO in collaboration with National Arts Council of Zimbabwe for the processes of elaborating the Quadrennial Periodic Report for the 2005 Convention from December... › Read more


Event | Capturing Palestinian arts professionals’ voices

Despite severe political and economic challenges, the cultural and creative industries in Palestine have continuously grown: the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival, the Palestinian International Book Fair or the... › Read more
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News | UNESCO and Nara International Film Festival join forces to support women filmmakers from Africa

Director-General Audrey Azoulay meets at UNESCO Headquarters with internationally acclaimed Japanese film director Naomi Kawase and President of Japan Foundation, Hiroyasu Ando, to discuss new UNESCO-Japan partnership... › Read more


News | New generation in Rwanda reclaims future through arts and creativity

“Rwanda is an experimental place. I suppose it is part of our DNA.” Carole Karemena, a veteran cultural manager, reflects on the reason behind the recent surge of creative energy in her native country. Having founded... › Read more


News | Equal rights, not special rights – new study calls for improved working conditions for artists

 Being an artist in 2019At the heart of the cultural and creative industries are people. Artists and cultural professionals innovate, inspire, entertain and challenge norms, their creations constantly... › Read more


News | From Jamaica to the world - tapping into the island's creative potential

“There are more than 300 reggae festivals in Europe” announced Olivia Grange, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, to the audience on October 31 in Kingston.Reggae music and its “King of Reggae”, Bob... › Read more


News | "We are the authors of a new story starting today" - Caribbean region advocates for preferential treatment in culture

“One thing for me that has always been and still remains is the accessibility for Caribbean artists to other markets, Europe and North America in particular. We are the authors of a new story starting today. Let us make... › Read more


News | Call for proposal: Global data collection and analysis on cultural policies

UNESCO invites professional research institutes, companies and entities to submit a proposal for data collection and analysis for the third edition of Re|Shaping Cultural Policies, UNESCO’s flagship publication on the... › Read more


Event | Algeria: Starting a dialogue on the governance of culture

A national training workshop will be organised in Algiers, Algeria, from 13 to 15 November 2019. Led by Christine Merkel, Member of the UNESCO Expert Facility, the workshop will discuss the process leading to the... › Read more


Event | Assessing the impact of cultural policies in Senegal

Senegal’s Ministry of Culture and Communication, in partnership with UNESCO, is launching a national assessment exercise on the cultural policies. In particular, the participants will examine various measures that have... › Read more


News | Republic of Korea and ASEAN join forces for dynamic creative sectors

Culture Ministers from the Republic of Korea and 10 Southeast Asian nations gathered on 23-24 October in Gwangju, Korea at the 2019 Special Meeting of the ASEAN-Republic of Korea Ministers Responsible for Culture and... › Read more


Event | Jamaica: Harnessing the island’s creativity for sustainable development

Jamaica’s vibrant cultural and creative industries are most notably known on the global stage for the success of its musicians and music producers. Festivals and the film sector are also burgeoning, indicating that the... › Read more


News | Eritrea considers the benefits of ratifying UNESCO’s 2005 Convention

The two-day national awareness-raising and advocacy workshop took place on 28 and 29 October 2019 at the Commission for Culture and Sports in Asmara with support from UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa in order... › Read more
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