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Monitoring Implementation of the Recommendation

UNESCO’s Governing Bodies monitor the implementation of the Recommendation.  In particular, the General Conference periodically requests a Consolidated Report on the implementation of the Recommendation by Member States.

The next Consolidated Report will be presented to the 197th session of the UNESCO Executive Board (Document197 EX/20 Part III), and then transmitted to the 38th session of the UNESCO General Conference in November 2015.  

To prepare the Consolidated Report, the UNESCO Secretariat launched its third global consultation on the implementation of the Recommendation with Member States and civil society organisations.

  • 2014 survey for Member States | fr | en | es
  • 2014 survey for NGOs/civil society | fr | en | es

The results of the survey are presented in the full Analytic Report (2015).

  • Full Analytic Report  | en | fr

2nd Consultation (2011): 

-Presentation of the consolidated report at the General Conference at its 36th session (Autumn 2011)

-Examination of the consolidated report by the Executive Board at its 187th session (Autumn 2011) 

1st Consultation (1983):