Monitoring and Reporting

Parties to the 2005 Convention have committed themselves to systematically collect information and data, statistics and best practices on policy measures in their country that promote the diversity of cultural expressions. They also committed to increase transparency by sharing and exchanging this information at the international level.

Activities for monitoring the implementation and impact of the Convention cut across several activities including the review and analysis of quadrennial periodic reports, research and analysis of global trends (Creative Economy Report, Global Report on the implementation of the Convention), as well as reports to monitor the 1980 Recommendation on the Status of the Artist, and the impact of Articles 16 (Preferential Treatment) and 21 (International consultation and Coordination).

With such an improved knowledge base, Parties will be able to better chart progress, highlight effective policies and strategies, improve existing policy instruments, and alert the global community to emerging challenges. The global collection and distribution of information and best practices supports evidenced-based policy making for the creative sector, also highlighting the role of culture in sustainable development strategies. It allows countries to showcase their own concrete achievements when implementing the Convention.


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