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Your 1% counts for creativity 

To strengthen the impact of the IFCD we have recently launched a five-year fundraising strategy running from 2013-2018 that will position the IFCD as a highly recognized and supported fund capable of materializing the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. The financial objective of the fundraising strategy is to triple the annual income of the IFCD by including all governments and gradually expanding its network of funding partners and donors to also include the private sector and high net worth individuals.

The fundraising strategy consists of three phases:


The first phase is oriented towards consolidating and strengthening the IFCD’s existing donor base, the Parties to the Convention. To do this we have developed a new communication strategy and launched the 6-months appeal “Your 1 % counts for creativity” at the Conference of Parties in June 2013. At the event, selected beneficiaries were invited to share their experiences and discuss possibilities and challenges they are facing at the local level. Read more about the campaign here.


The second phase will see the IFCD reaching out beyond its existing donor base and enter into partnerships with private sector corporations and high net worth individuals. Six partnerships are envisaged, with the aim of ultimately delivering 30% of the IFCD’s income. During 24 months we will focus on creating high-value strategic relationships with a small number of carefully cultivated partners.

Phase 3: FIXATION 

The third phase envisions the IFCD having reached maturity. Benefitting from experiences, contacts and lessons from previous phases, the IFCD aims at establishing a Signature Partnership with a global corporation and hereby further expanding its visibility and its funding base. Media engagement will also take a new and strategic direction; during the third phase at least one partnership with a global media company will be established to communicate to a broad public audience some of the the challenges and opportunities that the 2005 Convention contains.


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