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The IFCD continues to develop new ways of supporting projects that are making a real impact on the ground. All contributions make a difference and we need your support to do more!

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As a key operational instrument of the UNESCO 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, the IFCD supports the emergence of dynamic cultural sectors by promoting structural changes. Policy making strategies are at the heart of these changes.
In Croatia for example, a project implemented by the NGO Knjizni Blok and funded by the IFCD mapped the publishing industry between 2012 and 2013 with the help of a group of legal experts and economists. The project led to concrete changes to Croatia's book market legislation and regulations : publishing and book trade, distribution, e-book, intellectual property and copyright.

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To develop innovative cultural policies that create enabling environments for professionals, provide spaces to create new forms of expression, as well facilitate access to new markets

Innovative cultural business models flourish and encourage cultural entrepreneurs to invest in creativity

The IFCD funds projects that enable cultural and creative professionals to compete on a more equal footing at the international level. In 2014, together with the IFCD, Zimcopy (a non-profit organization committed to the promotion of the respect for copyright in Zimbabwe) developed a national strategy to strengthen the enforcement of copyright law in Zimbabwe and created a platform to regularly review this strategy. The project aimed at producing a national copyright strategy to inform stakeholders, artists and policy makers about the value of respecting intellectual property laws to promote creativity. The project led to the proposal of a National Copyright Strategy and the creation of the Copyright Forum of Zimbabwe.

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The IFCD is a powerful example of international cooperation, as it involves countries from the Global South and North working together to invest in creativity to transform societies. In 2014, PEN International, the world’s leading association of writers, joined forces with the IFCD to implement a project called “Strengthening minority-language publishing industries in Haiti, Kenya, Nigeria and Serbia”. The project aimed to create a comparative analysis so that a set of good practices and recommendations regarding minority language publishing can emerge. Two years later, the results can already be measured and a network of 120 writers, publishers, policy-makers and academics has been established to ensure minority languages are actively represented in these countries (diversification of publications in minority languages, etc).

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To build on cooperation between countries in order to strengthen economic and social development and create thriving sustainable cultural industries


To foster the use of digital technologies within the creative industries

The IFCD believes that the digital era brings opportunities for the democratization of creativity. Between 2013 and 2014, the Institute of International Relations and Research for Peace (IRIPAZ), an NGO committed to promoting Guatemala’s cultural diversity through audiovisual media, benefited from the IFCD’s help for the project “Promoting the involvement of indigenous peoples in cultural industries”. The project aimed at introducing Mayan, Garifuna and Xinca students to digital technologies and teaching them indispensable skills to become creative entrepreneurs. Through 12 practical workshops, 60 young people were taught the professional skills necessary to create new digital environments. IRIPAZ also produced a training guide, which became a benchmark resource for all Latin American countries, and established sustainable partnerships with the Universidad San Carlos and the Spanish Cultural Centre.

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The IFCD fosters all talents by supporting social groups and individuals to create and produce new forms of cultural expressions and participate in the creative industries. In 2013-2014, the Fund supported the organization Perkumpulan Hijau Siberut in the launching of the project “Developing an audiovisual micro-industry on Siberut, Indonesia”. This initiative worked towards establishing a training platform for 150 young cultural professionals in filmmaking and business management. Participatory gender-sensitive multimedia communication training modules and pedagogical guidelines were elaborated and applied throughout the capacity-building workshops, addressing negative stereotypes and recognizing the role of women cultural entrepreneurs in the audiovisual sector.

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To promote gender equality and opportunities for youth in the field of culture


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