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International Fund for Cultural Diversity

Investing in creativity. Transforming societies.

IFCD Brochure nº6 - 2017

A fund like no other

IFCD Brochure nº5 - 2016

Towards 2030: creativity matters for sustainable development. 

IFCD Brochure nº4 - 2015

Walking the paths of sustainable development

IFCD Brochure nº3 - 2014

Sustainable development through the lens of creativity.

IFCD Brochure nº2 - 2013

Investments and Culture:  the more diverse, the better.
Success stories, facts, figures and performance results.

IFCD Brochure nº1 - 2012

Decision makers, cultural entrepreneurs and practitioners in the global South use the International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD) investments to develop policies, markets and training opportun

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