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Explanatory note:
Pending preselection = The National Commission did not perform/finalize the pre-selection procedure online. For more information about the selection procedure please click here.
U40 empowered: Selection process includes technical assessment by the 2005 Convention Secretariat (eligibility), evaluation by IFCD Panel of Experts (Evaluation) and final approval by Sabrina Ho (Recommendation).
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Applied to ID Project Title Name of applicant Country of applicant Type of applicant Amount requested in US$ Score
U40 Empowered 2018-662 Providing marketing strategies to Female visual artists through the use of social media AFRICAphonie Cameroon NGO 24530.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-680 Uganda Green Charcoal Uganda Green Charcoal Uganda NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-689 DADA Uwezo Awareness Organization Kenya NGO 78410.00 28
U40 Empowered 2018-696 U40 EMPOWERED NAGABHUSHANAM JP India NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-715 WOMEN ART PROJECT MSIZENI MNGADI South Africa NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-725 Young African Women Filmmakers Hub Institute of Creative Arts for Progress in Africa Trust Zimbabwe NGO 99065.00 28
U40 Empowered 2018-751 Empowering young female journalists through the production and promotion of digital cultural activities in community media Charmers Media and Communication Consults Cameroon NGO 72652.00 4
U40 Empowered 2018-757 ARBOLIBROS (treebooks) BICITECA, cultura sobre ruedas (Biciteca, culture on wheels Peru NGO 95810.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-761 National Institute of Health and Industrial Eduaction Me.Sabreena India NGO 95000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-790 Just Be Digital & Design Culture and Heritage Quest Organization South Africa NGO 99550.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-792 Art and Cinema towards Democratic Palestinian Society and Gender Equality. Fragments Theatre Palestina NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-804 Creative Economy and Digital skills on the Benefit of Women Together for Life Albania NGO 69153.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-820 A national study of gender situations in the digital chilean creative industry Fundacion de Desarrollo Educacional y Tecnologico La Araucania (FUDEAUFRO) Chile NGO 99993.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-834 "Support Cultural Entrepreneurship for young women and girls in Rukwa Region,Tanzania country" Peace Relief Organization (PRO) United Republic of Tanzania NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-836 SWIFT Codes: Lesotho Building Capacity of WomenUnder40 In Creative Digital Industries Gender Entrepreneurship and Media Institute (GEM Institute) Lesotho NGO 99650.00 13.5
U40 Empowered 2018-857 We are female-We are able too. Gita Foundation Bangladesh NGO 98331.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-862 Projet CREAFEM LAB : Programme de renforcement des capacités de créativité et de compétitivité et de mise en réseau des jeunes femmes professionnelles des industries numériques au Togo Association Heinrich Klose / Couveuse PAPRICAI Togo NGO 98761.00 26
U40 Empowered 2018-871 Establishment of School of Professional Orientation for Women in IT industry (Belarus) NGO "Information and consulting agency "Assistance to Business Development" Belarus NGO 99999.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-892 WOMEN ARTISAN & TECHNOLOGY OUTREACH (WATO) United Cultural Empowerement and Social Community Organization Kenya NGO 98925.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-901 Dance 360 Heritage Edition Vizart Cultural Association Albania NGO 60800.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-912 Empowering U40 Women-led Businesses in Digital Creative Space TNS India Foundation India NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-916 Innovating and proposing new values in the Paraguayan digital industry sector with organized women leadership ALTER VIDA, Center of Studies and Training for Ecodevelopment Paraguay NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-917 Analysis and monitoring of the incorporation of people of African descent in the censuses taking 2010 Projecion 2020 Asociación Civil Ile Ase Osun Doyo Argentina NGO 100.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-919 Be A Tech Woman Zakher Association for the Development of Palestinian Women Capacity Palestina NGO 95100.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-929 Développement de contenu de formation multimédia Salam Ouedraogo Burkina Faso NGO 94000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-939 CRÉA Cinéma Itinérant Roadmovie Tunisia NGO 97267.00 17.5
U40 Empowered 2018-943 Empowerment of women musicians in music digitization Classic Music Support NGO Armenia NGO 70330.00 27
U40 Empowered 2018-944 Preserving the African Woman Natural Beauty in Kenya Coast Region Burua Sanga Shumaa Kenya NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-945 The Digital Amazon Fellowship Street Project Foundation Nigeria NGO 99099.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-958 CROMATICA Alterna Guatemala NGO 99160.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-959 The Female Entrepreneurs Marketplace Africa (FEMA) Metrowoman Empowerment Foundation Nigeria NGO 99800.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-961 Women towards the Amazon digital creation Fundacion Atasim Ecuador NGO 88548.00 18
U40 Empowered 2018-967 Widen Hmar youth & women’s creation and distribution of cultural goods and services. Bible Hill Youth Club (National Social Development & Research Centre) India NGO 84210.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-973 Wanadada Creatives Garage Kenya NGO 100000.00 18.5
U40 Empowered 2018-978 She Goes... DIGITAL PREDA Plus Foundation for Sustainable Economic Development The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia NGO 97426.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-986 Gaza Talks Mirror Association for Relief & Development (MARD) Palestina NGO 95100.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-989 Northern Cape Women In Digital Industries Dreamworks Foundation South Africa NGO 99836.00 11
U40 Empowered 2018-994 #BeYourVoice: Soft Skills platform. Creating a generation of speakers & women leaders ARTES ESCÉNICAS TEATRO DE AIRE A.C. Mexico NGO 94405.00 30.5
U40 Empowered 2018-997 Training of 20 female engineers in programming, applied in cultural heritage, through establishment of first lady's ICT HUB in Nis region CONSTRUCTION CLUSTER DUNDJER Serbia NGO 81800.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1002 Kigoma Women Paddy Mwanga Women, Children Development Association (MWOCDEA) United Republic of Tanzania NGO 99878.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1015 online art gallery stephanie South Africa INGO 100.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1023 Mujeres Programadoras en Santiago FUNDACIÓN PARA LA INCLUSIÓN TECNOLÓGICA KODEA Chile NGO 90000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1031 Atelier cultures numériques comme levier de développement au TOGO Association togolaise Culture-Développement (CUL.DEV) Togo NGO 99961.00 24.5
U40 Empowered 2018-1033 “Giving a voice to South Sudan women “ Youth Zone Center South Sudan NGO 83300.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1053 NEW ACT (Network of Empowered Women) People in Need Czechia (Czech Republic) INGO 99877.00 29.5
U40 Empowered 2018-1057 Empowered by Creativity Business Innovation Programs Serbia NGO 85450.00 29.5
U40 Empowered 2018-1066 YHER South Asia YGAP Australia INGO 99800.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1082 Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platform…for women, by women Arabic name : Ayyam Al Masrah - English equivalent : Theatre Day Productions (acronym: TDP) Palestina NGO 100000.00 31
U40 Empowered 2018-1085 Creating a space for Bengal Music at World Music Contact Base India NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1092 Under 40 women entrepreneurs powering the digital creative industries. Nazmun Naher Bangladesh NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1112 First National Survey of the Digital Creative Industry with Gender Perspective Corporación Instituto de Arte y Comunicación Arcos Education Chile NGO 98770.00 23.5
U40 Empowered 2018-1117 Living Market 2018 Asociación Pro Cultura, A.C. Mexico NGO 99648.00 24.5
U40 Empowered 2018-1128 Women in Digital Arts - WIDA (Working Title) The Project Space South Africa NGO 99797.00 19.5
U40 Empowered 2018-1129 Fashion Tech Hub Belarus Fashion Council Belarus NGO 95000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1132 Upskilling Moldova's creative industries. Women CAN change! Association of Professional Women from Moldova Republic of Moldova NGO 88050.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1141 "Creativy Digital Industry" Glasswing International Guatemala NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1142 Seminar/Training and empowerment of 180 women bloggers in Nigeria Ibom Bloggers Mpcs Nigeria NGO 55950.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1143 Agricultural Literacy for Urban Citizen Pusat Studi Agrikultur Sayurankita Indonesia NGO 44788.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1144 UKRAINE: Empowering Women in Filmmaking Industry (KinoAvenue) Democracy Development Center Ukraine NGO 100000.00 26.5
U40 Empowered 2018-1151 Young Female Start-up in the Digital Crafts – Where Traditions Meet Contemporary Design Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute (VIRI) Viet Nam NGO 99890.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1156 I HAVE A DRUM Ingoma Nshya, Women's Initiatives Rwanda NGO 99392.00 17
U40 Empowered 2018-1158 Palestinian Rural Women e-commerce Warm Home Society Palestina NGO 96395.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1164 Digitization of Women Graduates Society of Women Graduates Palestina NGO 95440.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1173 Fountain of Memories: Our roots as a contribution to the construction of peace. ASOCIACION COLECTIVO MUJERES AL DERECHO - ASOCOLEMAD Colombia NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1179 Women United in Digital Creativity (WUiDC) INFINI3 South Africa NGO 30163.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1183 To empower 30women entrepreneurs with and without disabilities below 40 years with professional skills training in the design and production of arts and crafts cultural productsand e-business entrepreneurship skills and capacity building and organize an e Lake Victoria Disability Center United Republic of Tanzania NGO 40650.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1189 Tech Fiti Ricardo Borjas Honduras NGO 95000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1190 Vac'Art: Using Digital Tools to Promote Language and Culture RESTART Cameroon NGO 99942.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1192 Communicating Ando: More Freedom and Less Censorship for the women Fundación Créalo Colombia NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1194 Jobs without gender Cultural Club Ali Belhouane Tunisia NGO 61100.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1196 Me becomes We Lorna Salazar Lara Colombia NGO 99600.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1197 U40: Empowering Women in The Digital Creative Industries MIT School Indonesia NGO 99890.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1199 Promotion of micro-enterprises in digital production of Quechua traditional music, directed by young indigenous women of Bolivia. KÜRMI Apoyo al Desarrollo Sostenible Interandino Bolivia (Plurinational State of) NGO 95816.00 29
U40 Empowered 2018-1214 Engaging Women Innovations in Palestine An Najah National University Palestina NGO 89450.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1221 Enforcing young women working in the digital creative industry Global Opportunities Albania Albania NGO 52300.00 11.5
U40 Empowered 2018-1226 Women take the wheel Educational Forum Association Palestina NGO 99910.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1257 Action pour l'émergence d'industries féminines de créations numériques au Niger ONG BAL'LAME Niger NGO 98680.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1261 La Quinta Ola platform for research, training and production of communicational content disseminated with transmedia marketing strategies and in Social Network as an alternative to the limited offer of youth products with a gender perspective in Venezuela Asociación Civil "La Quinta Ola" Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) NGO 92135.00 19.5
U40 Empowered 2018-1270 Digital Creative Lables as an Enabler for Women Empowerment: A case study for India Consumer Unity & Trust Society India NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1272 IT4WOMEN: Designing support framework for women entrepreneurs in the digital creative industries’ sector of Armenia. Enterprise Incubator Foundation Armenia NGO 100000.00 23.5
U40 Empowered 2018-1275 Empowering Young Women in promoting Adire - Indigo resist dyed cloth production Linking the Youth of Nigeria through Exchange (LYNX NIGERIA) Nigeria NGO 81000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1276 Digital Academy – Investing in Young Female Cultural Entrepreneurs to Power Digital Creative Industries in Afghanistan and Tajikistan Bactria Cultural Centre/ACTED Tajikistan INGO 100000.00 33
U40 Empowered 2018-1283 Empowering young artisan woman through new digital technologies European Institute Pashko Albania NGO 58.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1284 Promote the cultural industry in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea JOSAFRICA Equatorial Guinea NGO 96900.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1289 career guidance for woman in digital art impilo art South Africa NGO 44273.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1297 Equity for Women under 40 in Digital Creative Industry of Bangladesh DNET Bangladesh NGO 99558.00 18
U40 Empowered 2018-1298 Intilaq Program for Female Enterpreneurship The Association for the Development and Enhancement of Women Egypt NGO 98775.00 18
U40 Empowered 2018-1303 Female Movie Furnace Project of Uganda Mariam Ndagire Film and Performing Arts Center Uganda NGO 98381.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1308 "Digital Creative Industries in Egypt: Supporting and Strengthening the Emerging Local New Media Art Scene and its Artists in a gender balanced way, via promotional mechanisms and a program for cross-cultural collaboration and development” FILE FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE LINGUAGEM ELETRONICA Brazil NGO 99810.00 23.5
U40 Empowered 2018-1319 Cultura de Red - Activism, Communication and Feminisms Cultura de Red Bolivia (Plurinational State of) NGO 100000.00 19.5
U40 Empowered 2018-1323 Kollectiv Qcademy Kollectiv Art Tunisia NGO 86000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1327 Women entrepreneurs in Digital creative industries in Macedonia Family and Childcare Centre - KMOP Skopje The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia NGO 85009.00 27.5
U40 Empowered 2018-1335 Enhancing digital capacity for women in the creative industries in Vietnam Vietnam Program for Internet & Society, University of Social Science and Humanities Viet Nam NGO 88911.00 27
U40 Empowered 2018-1337 Women Entrepreneurship development through Capacity Development and Tech based Forward linkage Development Bangladesh Youth Enterprise Advice & Helpcentre (Byeah) Bangladesh NGO 96211.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1345 Empowered and creative women entrepreneurs Svetionik Serbia NGO 94220.00 28
U40 Empowered 2018-1348 Soutenir l’entreprenariat des femmes artistes dans l’industrie créative digitale à Dakar, Sénégal. Africulturban Senegal NGO 99115.00 32.5
U40 Empowered 2018-1350 Training in IT and Multimedia for 120 women under 40 and nationwide TV series and competition for Women in the Digital Industry Jacaranda Foundation Malawi NGO 89800.00 20
U40 Empowered 2018-1356 Soror.iD (Sorority in Design) Ventana a la Diversidad (Window to Diversity) Spain INGO 88888.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1357 Women Empowerment on ICTs through Bebas Sampah ID in DKI Jakarta Greeneraton Foundation Indonesia NGO 99750.00 0