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Explanatory note:
Pending preselection = The National Commission did not perform/finalize the pre-selection procedure online. For more information about the selection procedure please click here.
U40 empowered: Selection process includes technical assessment by the 2005 Convention Secretariat (eligibility), evaluation by IFCD Panel of Experts (Evaluation) and final approval by Sabrina Ho (Recommendation).
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Applied to ID Project Title Name of applicant Country of applicant Type of applicant Amount requested in US$ Score
U40 Empowered 2018-662 Providing marketing strategies to Female visual artists through the use of social media AFRICAphonie Cameroon NGO 24530.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-680 Uganda Green Charcoal Uganda Green Charcoal Uganda NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-689 DADA Uwezo Awareness Organization Kenya NGO 78410.00 28
U40 Empowered 2018-696 U40 EMPOWERED NAGABHUSHANAM JP India NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-715 WOMEN ART PROJECT MSIZENI MNGADI South Africa NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-725 Young African Women Filmmakers Hub Institute of Creative Arts for Progress in Africa Trust Zimbabwe NGO 99065.00 28
U40 Empowered 2018-751 Empowering young female journalists through the production and promotion of digital cultural activities in community media Charmers Media and Communication Consults Cameroon NGO 72652.00 4
U40 Empowered 2018-757 ARBOLIBROS (treebooks) BICITECA, cultura sobre ruedas (Biciteca, culture on wheels Peru NGO 95810.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-761 National Institute of Health and Industrial Eduaction Me.Sabreena India NGO 95000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-790 Just Be Digital & Design Culture and Heritage Quest Organization South Africa NGO 99550.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-792 Art and Cinema towards Democratic Palestinian Society and Gender Equality. Fragments Theatre Palestina NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-804 Creative Economy and Digital skills on the Benefit of Women Together for Life Albania NGO 69153.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-820 A national study of gender situations in the digital chilean creative industry Fundacion de Desarrollo Educacional y Tecnologico La Araucania (FUDEAUFRO) Chile NGO 99993.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-834 "Support Cultural Entrepreneurship for young women and girls in Rukwa Region,Tanzania country" Peace Relief Organization (PRO) United Republic of Tanzania NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-836 SWIFT Codes: Lesotho Building Capacity of WomenUnder40 In Creative Digital Industries Gender Entrepreneurship and Media Institute (GEM Institute) Lesotho NGO 99650.00 13.5
U40 Empowered 2018-857 We are female-We are able too. Gita Foundation Bangladesh NGO 98331.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-862 Projet CREAFEM LAB : Programme de renforcement des capacités de créativité et de compétitivité et de mise en réseau des jeunes femmes professionnelles des industries numériques au Togo Association Heinrich Klose / Couveuse PAPRICAI Togo NGO 98761.00 26
U40 Empowered 2018-871 Establishment of School of Professional Orientation for Women in IT industry (Belarus) NGO "Information and consulting agency "Assistance to Business Development" Belarus NGO 99999.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-892 WOMEN ARTISAN & TECHNOLOGY OUTREACH (WATO) United Cultural Empowerement and Social Community Organization Kenya NGO 98925.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-901 Dance 360 Heritage Edition Vizart Cultural Association Albania NGO 60800.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-912 Empowering U40 Women-led Businesses in Digital Creative Space TNS India Foundation India NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-916 Innovating and proposing new values in the Paraguayan digital industry sector with organized women leadership ALTER VIDA, Center of Studies and Training for Ecodevelopment Paraguay NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-917 Analysis and monitoring of the incorporation of people of African descent in the censuses taking 2010 Projecion 2020 Asociación Civil Ile Ase Osun Doyo Argentina NGO 100.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-919 Be A Tech Woman Zakher Association for the Development of Palestinian Women Capacity Palestina NGO 95100.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-929 Développement de contenu de formation multimédia Salam Ouedraogo Burkina Faso NGO 94000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-939 CRÉA Cinéma Itinérant Roadmovie Tunisia NGO 97267.00 17.5
U40 Empowered 2018-943 Empowerment of women musicians in music digitization Classic Music Support NGO Armenia NGO 70330.00 27
U40 Empowered 2018-944 Preserving the African Woman Natural Beauty in Kenya Coast Region Burua Sanga Shumaa Kenya NGO 100000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-945 The Digital Amazon Fellowship Street Project Foundation Nigeria NGO 99099.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-958 CROMATICA Alterna Guatemala NGO 99160.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-959 The Female Entrepreneurs Marketplace Africa (FEMA) Metrowoman Empowerment Foundation Nigeria NGO 99800.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-961 Women towards the Amazon digital creation Fundacion Atasim Ecuador NGO 88548.00 18
U40 Empowered 2018-967 Widen Hmar youth & women’s creation and distribution of cultural goods and services. Bible Hill Youth Club (National Social Development & Research Centre) India NGO 84210.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-973 Wanadada Creatives Garage Kenya NGO 100000.00 18.5
U40 Empowered 2018-978 She Goes... DIGITAL PREDA Plus Foundation for Sustainable Economic Development The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia NGO 97426.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-986 Gaza Talks Mirror Association for Relief & Development (MARD) Palestina NGO 95100.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-989 Northern Cape Women In Digital Industries Dreamworks Foundation South Africa NGO 99836.00 11
U40 Empowered 2018-994 #BeYourVoice: Soft Skills platform. Creating a generation of speakers & women leaders ARTES ESCÉNICAS TEATRO DE AIRE A.C. Mexico NGO 94405.00 30.5
U40 Empowered 2018-997 Training of 20 female engineers in programming, applied in cultural heritage, through establishment of first lady's ICT HUB in Nis region CONSTRUCTION CLUSTER DUNDJER Serbia NGO 81800.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1002 Kigoma Women Paddy Mwanga Women, Children Development Association (MWOCDEA) United Republic of Tanzania NGO 99878.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1015 online art gallery stephanie South Africa INGO 100.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1023 Mujeres Programadoras en Santiago FUNDACIÓN PARA LA INCLUSIÓN TECNOLÓGICA KODEA Chile NGO 90000.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1031 Atelier cultures numériques comme levier de développement au TOGO Association togolaise Culture-Développement (CUL.DEV) Togo NGO 99961.00 24.5
U40 Empowered 2018-1033 “Giving a voice to South Sudan women “ Youth Zone Center South Sudan NGO 83300.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1053 NEW ACT (Network of Empowered Women) People in Need Czechia (Czech Republic) INGO 99877.00 29.5
U40 Empowered 2018-1057 Empowered by Creativity Business Innovation Programs Serbia NGO 85450.00 29.5
U40 Empowered 2018-1066 YHER South Asia YGAP Australia INGO 99800.00 0
U40 Empowered 2018-1082 Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platform…for women, by women Arabic name : Ayyam Al Masrah - English equivalent : Theatre Day Productions (acronym: TDP) Palestina NGO 100000.00 31
U40 Empowered 2018-1085 Creating a space for Bengal Music at World Music Contact Base India NGO 100000.00 0