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Pending preselection = The National Commission did not perform/finalize the pre-selection procedure online. For more information about the selection procedure please click here.
U40 empowered: Selection process includes technical assessment by the 2005 Convention Secretariat (eligibility), evaluation by IFCD Panel of Experts (Evaluation) and final approval by Sabrina Ho (Recommendation).
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ID Project Title Name of applicant Country of applicant Type of applicant Amount requested in US$ Status Score Amount recommended in US$
2022-9229 Revival of zero zone in Santiago, Chile: strategies from cultural engagement, promotion of cultural diversity and support to local organizations and cultural networks. Corporación Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral, GAM Chile NGO 93950.00USD Non Recommended 27
2022-9239 Promoting and Strengthening Entrepreneurial Capacities of Creative Entrepreneurs and Cultural Professionals in Cameroon Cameroon Young Dynamic Youths (CYDY) Cameroon NGO 86431.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9255 PAZURU PROJECT FOR COMUNITY EMPOWERMENT St.Philips C.O.U Uganda NGO 99964.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9259 Connecting creative entrepreneurs to digital economy in Tanzania: A marketing strategy to transform business and society KARIBU CULTURAL CONTACT United Republic of Tanzania NGO 99.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9260 Autonomiser les élèves de Daloa à travers la comédie musicale et le théâtre pour la sensibilisation sur les Objectifs de Développement Durable National Instrument for Democracy and Economic Development Côte d'Ivoire NGO 91000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9261 INTERNATIONAL WOMEN FILMMAKERS FESTIVAL International Women Filmmakers Festival Türkiye INGO 100.00USD Non Eligible 0
2022-9271 I C E Projects Management PTY LTD I C E Projects Management PTY LTD South Africa Party 100000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9272 Building a Resilient, Strong and Professional Film Industry in Uganda Media Council of Uganda Uganda Party 99817.00USD Non Recommended 22
2022-9281 Mapping of the Cultural Creative industries in Lesotho Department of Culture Lesotho Party 99810.00USD Non Recommended 21
2022-9287 Revitalizing Resilient Pathways for Azmari (Busker) Professionalism Empowerment towards Sustainable Development in Ethiopia University of Gondar Ethiopia Party 100000.00USD Non Recommended 7
2022-9306 Strengthening cultural leadership capacities in women cultural leaders of rural communities and native conmmunities of the Lambayeque region - Peru ASTUSIP Peru NGO 100000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9317 Re-enforcing Creative art industry Entrepreneurs and creative practitioners through collaborative identification and promotion of Talent in juba South Sudan Street Beats Foundation (SBF) South Sudan NGO 99820.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9326 Amplifying cultural entrepreneurship through creating strong and functional ecological working groups SCOPE Uganda Uganda NGO 95000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9331 Amman Majd Alkhrissat Jordan NGO 70000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9332 PROMOTING YOUTH PARTICIPATION IN ARTS AND CULTURE Youth Action Foundation (YAF) United Republic of Tanzania NGO 84.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9339 Projet de réalisation d’un réseau de création et de commercialisation de produit d’arts provenant de 15 villes de la côte d’ivoire à travers le monde et de l’incitation du genre aux activités des industries culturelles et créatives. AFRIK PRESTIGE CULTURE ET EDUCATION Côte d'Ivoire NGO 100000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9341 EXPANDING THE FRONTIERS OF SOCIAL JUSTICE AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY Entrepreneurs Network for Youth and Women Empowerment Nigeria NGO 100000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9349 Ionian Cities are Revitalizing in the Virtual World SEFERIHISAR MUNICIPALITY Türkiye Party 99595.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9350 Promoting Positive Values of Diverse Cultures for Sustainable Peace and Development in Asella Town, Ethiopia Eshet Children and Youth Development Organization (ECYDO) Ethiopia NGO 96800.00USD Non Eligible 0
2022-9360 journal de caricatures en ligne Association des dessinateurs de presse /Adep/RDCongo Democratic Republic of the Congo NGO 95500.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9361 The San: A culture of Rhythm. Moshe Maghundu South Africa NGO 100000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9365 Initiation, formation pratique et financement à l’entreprenariat des femmes du District Urbano-Rurale de TSHANGU, dans le but d’assurer l’autonomisation de la femme l’autonomisation de la femme. ONG MAMAN TELEMA Democratic Republic of the Congo NGO 95365.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9371 PopArt Market on Center. Creating access to markets for creative and cultural goods and products. MHUB Malawi NGO 99638.00USD Non Recommended 15
2022-9379 AMT EDITORIAL Archivo de la Memoria Trans Argentina Argentina NGO 79500.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9382 Majdalawi Textile – A promising creative cultural good in Palestine Rozana Association for the Development of Architectural Heritage Palestine NGO 99900.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9385 Living Together ; Promoting Social Cohesion through Culture and Art in Gaziantep Project Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Türkiye Party 94716.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9387 TRAINING AND EMPOWERING YOUTHS ON THE PRODUCTION OF ADIRE(Yoruba;Tie and Dye) to boost Nigeria's economy and showcase the valuable cloth to the entire World Yoruba Youth Socio-Cultural Association Nigeria NGO 100.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9388 HAY EDUCATION Fundacion Hay Festival de Colombia Colombia NGO 88000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9390 Tunisian Digital Market Music TDMM Institut Supérieur De Musique De Sousse (ISM Sousse) Tunisia Party 98502.00USD Non Recommended 20.5
2022-9392 Promotion of creative and cultural entrepreneurship of vulnerable young women from the southeast of Mexico. Secretariat of Culture Mexico Party 96070.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9398 Strengthening the legislative and socio-economic aspects in the field of visual arts by putting in motion the First Regional Artists Cooperative The Association of Fine Artists of Serbia - ULUS Serbia NGO 100000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9402 SKOBO "Passeurs de frontière" Adama TRAORE Mali NGO 80500.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9404 Promoting the Use of Intellectual Property Rights in Zimbabwe for Cultural and Creative Industries in the Digital Era. Culture Warriors Edutainment Trust Zimbabwe NGO 99900.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9405 Turkish Poet Aşık ŞENLİK and Georgian Writer Şota RUSTAVELİ in the Main Role Rukiye KESER Türkiye INGO 57737.00USD Non Eligible 0
2022-9409 Women and Girls Cultural Implementation and inclusive participation. Blantyre Arts Festival Malawi NGO 91470.00USD Non Eligible 0
2022-9410 Staging Who Diablesse University of the West Indies Open Campus Barbados Party 100000.00USD Non Recommended 15.5
2022-9411 Promotion of local dynamics boosting artistic and cultural heritage in Marcala as Appellation of Origins Region Asociación Denominación de Origen Café Marcala Honduras NGO 99970.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9414 Identification, capacitation and promotion of cultural industries in Lesotho Shooting Stars Arts, Culture and Sports Club Lesotho NGO 99960.00USD Non Recommended 17.5
2022-9416 Favoriser l'accès au patrimoine culturel et à la création artistique contemporaine de la ville d'Aného au Togo à travers la création du musée des trois Royaumes Association du musée des trois Royaumes Togo NGO 99097.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9419 The making of thirty Yoruba Folktales in animation Perob Multiconcept Nigeria NGO 60000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9424 Co-creating Cultural Commons in Agra (Sanjhi Sanskriti)   Center for Urban and Regional Excellence India NGO 99890.00USD Non Eligible 0
2022-9429 Performing Art business recovery, young people and COVID-19 heritage sessions in Uganda UGANDA NATIONAL CULTURAL CENTRE (UNCC) Uganda Party 100000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9432 Project through the lens of Video Production Techniques SEPOS Cultural Workshop Inc Trinidad and Tobago NGO 75000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9442 RENAISSANCE - revival and popularization of Moldovan folk crafts through strengthen participation in cultural life of people with disabilities AO SPD TAUR (TAUR Society of People with disabilities) Republic of Moldova NGO 99722.00USD Pending Preselection 0
2022-9443 Campus Mardin: Memorializing of the Intangible Syriac Cultural Heritages Mardin Artuklu University Türkiye Party 100000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9446 Projet d’appui à la valorisation de la culture au Tchad à travers le numérique et la formation des acteurs de la culture. Guéra Touristique Chad NGO 99412.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9451 Sustainable Open Access Infrastructure for Scholarly Publishing Indian Institute of Technology Indore India Party 100000.00USD Non Preselected 0
2022-9460 Formation culturelle au service de l'insertion professionelle des jeunes DERMANE Togo Party 81655.00USD Non Preselected 0
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