Evaluation criteria for the selection of funding requests

Applications for funding requests to the IFCD will be evaluated on the basis of the criteria on how the funding request:

  • addresses the objectives, priorities and areas of intervention of the 2005 Convention and the IFCD;
  • meets the needs and priorities of the country where the project will be implemented and is deemed to be feasible and relevant;
  • contributes to achieving concrete, measurable, realistic and sustainable results;
  • has a potential structural impact leading to the emergence of a dynamic cultural sector;
  • promotes South-South and North-South-South cooperation;
  • ensures that the project’s impact/long-term benefits can be achieved and promotes the sustainability of the project;
  • satisfies the principle of financial accountability.
In addition, the Panel of Experts will evaluate the applicants’ capacity to implement the work plan and manage the budget, ensuring that:
  1. overhead costs do not exceed 30% of the total budget;
  2. requested funds are to be spent principally on project activities; and
  3. resources are not spread too thinly or are used to support sporadic activities.

The skills and competences of key people involved in the implementation of the proposed activities, as well as the involvement of stakeholders in the design and implementation of the project will also be evaluated.

Additional financial assistance, either in the form of self or co-funding, is highly advisable as a means to engage more partners in the process and to contribute to the smooth implementation and sustainability of the project.

Furthermore, projects are strongly encouraged to include dimensions that contribute to the promotion of gender equality and youth as well as the participation of various social groups including persons belonging to minorities and indigenous people.

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