Periodic Report Gambia

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Executive summary

Gambia ratified the 2005 convention in 2011. The first QPR was due in 2015 but was not submitted due to unfavourable political climate. The new administration of The Gambia has prioritized arts and creative industries and empowered relevant agencies like NCAC to deliver their mandate including on the 2005 convention.

This report focuses mainly on achievements in the last four years. The main implementing government agency for the 2005 Convention is the National Centre for Arts and Culture. The main objectives of the NCAC in the last four years are as follows:
Strengthening governance of culture through some of the following:

  • Drafting an updated cultural policy (based on 2005 convention principles) through a participatory approach that has included civil society and private sector through chambers of commerce for example.
  • Developing mechanisms to support governance of civil society through associations including providing financial support and guidelines for ensuring constitutional mandates
  • Strengthening and more adequate resourcing of copyright office to administer copyright issues

Capacity building

  • Developing multiple capacity building partnerships including with UNESCO, WIPO, ECOWAS, AU, ARIPO, and others to build capacity of artists, cultural professionals and CSOs. These programmes have focused on creative / cultural entrepreneurship, copyright and Intellectual Property and artistic skills like creative writing, filmmaking, photography etc.
  • Support to sector associations to undertake and deliver capacity building programmes for their members

Networking and Artist Mobility

  • Creating platforms for exchange and showcasing among the local arts and culture sector in national and regional festivals and exhibitions.
  • Funding opportunities for international networking for artists through support for mobility including the participation of writers’ association in African writers’ conferences in Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal etc., Support for filmmakers to attend international festivals including in Ivory Coast, USA, UK, Burkina Faso and Nigeria.

The elaboration of the QPR has created an opportunity for NCAC to engage with other public departments like the Public Utilities and Regulatory Authority (PURA), Gambia Bureau of Statistics (GBOS), Ministries of Trade, Youth and Sports, Justice, Lands and Regional Integration, Finance and Economic Affairs, Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad. The relationships built in this process will be taken forward in the next four years to focus on the following priorities:

  • Improved data management and collection of cultural statistics through partnership with GBOS, PURA
  • Improving infrastructure for cultural activities including the construction of a multi-purpose cultural centre and development of public spaces for capacity building, showcasing and networking
  • Strengthen operationalisation of the copyright regime including through licencing of a collective management organisation
  • Developing sustainable mechanisms for funding of culture including increased budgetary allocation and exploring a Private Copy Levy (see details at )
  • Significant investment in technology to boost the strength of the industry value chains. The NCAC will also work closely with CSOs in the next four years to raise the profile of the cultural and creative sector, build CSO knowledge and engagement with the 2005 convention and strengthen their contribution to the implementation of the convention. Other measures around the other goals including mobility, human rights and freedoms will also be developed in collaboration with partners and CSOs.