Periodic Report Burkina-Faso

Burkina Faso
Executive summary

Results obtained:
Development and adoption of a new cultural policy that takes into account the objectives of the Convention.

  1. Implementation of the operational measures of the 2005 Convention:

Regarding the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions:
Technical and financial support for numerous festivals and cultural events of private operators; support for the creation, production, dissemination/promotion of works of art; acquisition of heritage works from different cultural communities for the national museum; ongoing identification of a national development strategy of cultural industries.

  1. Regarding information sharing and transparency:

Formalization of meetings between the State and different categories of stakeholders; organization of numerous exchange meetings on public policies and the modalities of their implementation, regulations and legislation; organization of information sessions for stakeholders concerning funding opportunities (International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD), ACPCultures+, International Organisation of La Francophonie (IOF), etc.) and the new measures.

  1. Regarding education and public awareness:

Identification study for the national strategy to promote art and culture modules in primary, secondary and higher education; strengthening of the provision of art and culture education for children (schools at the museum, museums in school, areas dedicated to children at cultural and artistic events, culture weeks in schools, etc.); support for the organization of community culture days; appeal to artistic and cultural companies, opinion leaders and bearers of knowledge so as to raise people’s awareness of the issues of education, health, human rights, peace and social cohesion.

  1. Regarding the participation of civil society:

Implementation of numerous partnerships with civil society through involvement in and responsibility for the development of actions of public interest; foster the participation of the Burkinabè civil society in the protection and promotion of cultural expressions (by organizing diverse cultural events and activities); development of  initiatives that contribute to social cohesion and peace and encourage cultural dialogue.

Regarding the integration of culture in sustainable development:
Consideration of culture as a priority sector in the new economic and social development policy of Burkina Faso, known as the Strategy for Accelerated Growth and Sustainable Development (SCADD).

  1. Regarding cooperation for development:

Strengthening of bilateral, multilateral and decentralized cultural cooperation.