Periodic Report Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Executive summary

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country consisting of two entities (the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina – FbiH and the Republic of Srpska - RS) and the Brcko District. The entity of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is further divided into 10 cantons that have their own responsibilities in the field of culture, which are then subdivided into municipalities.

Bosnia and Herzegovina ratified the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions in April 2009 and thus confirmed the need to elaborate and develop the authenticity of the existing cultural expressions based on the historical and cultural particularities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and to create new expressions. In this regard, certain activities were undertaken to implement the obligations arising out of the Convention. The Information and the text of the Convention are forwarded to all entity and cantonal ministries of culture for its implementation.

The Culture Development Strategy in Bosnia and Herzegovina was adopted by the Decision of the Council of Ministers of B&H in late 2008. The Action plan for implementation of the Culture Development Strategy in B&H 2011-2014 was adopted by the Council of Ministers of B&H on15th of September 2011. The Federal Ministry of Culture and Sport is implementing above mentioned action plan. Also, the Government of Federation of B&H passed the Development Strategy of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2010 - 2020 in 2010, a strategic document which represents the first long-term projection of a comprehensive reform in the culture of Federation of B&H.

The Republic of Srpska Culture Development Strategy 2010-2015 is adopted by the decision of the RS National Assembly at its 35 session, held on 17 February 2010. The Culture Development Strategy of the RS was developed by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Department for Culture in co-operation with the cultural institutions and NGO sector of the RS. Action plans of the Culture Development Strategy of the RS have been developed.

The above mentioned strategic policy documents are solid basis in B&H for all the necessary steps for the further policy and related legislation harmonization and development, awareness-rising, promotion and implementation of the 2005 Convention. Thus it is the basis for the preservation, protection and promotion of cultural diversity and especially for the development of cultural industries, sustainable development, economy and trade.