Periodic Report Montenegro

Executive summary

Montenegro ratified the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions in 2008 and thus confirmed the need to elaborate and develop the authenticity of the existing cultural expressions based on the historical and cultural particularities of Montenegro and to create new expressions. 

Periodical report on the application of the Convention has been created in accordance with the suggested instructions with emphasis on the results achieved in specific areas, as well as figures and percentage overview where such data was available.

In Chapter Measures, sub-title Cultural measures and policies, there is an overview of the legislative activities underway during the last 4 years, as well as a summary of the strategic document the National Culture Development Programme of Montenegro 2011-2015. Apart from the normative activity, public financial assistance measures take an important place, and they are presented through an overview of realization of the annual calls for co-financing of projects in the field of cultural and artistic creation and media, as well as state subsidies for equal territorial development of culture. One of the measures is identifying manifestations and festivals of particular significance for Montenegro. In Chapter on international cooperation, the information refers to bilateral agreements and programmes concluded, as well as significant regional and European cultural and culture-political associations and programmes.

For the part relating to integration of culture into sustainable development, parts from strategic documents where the field of culture is recognized as an important segment for development were set away. Having in mind the great expectations from realization of the project MACCOC - Marina Abramović Community Center Obod Cetinje, in the context of sustainable development, a brief overview of the project, preparations for which are underway, is given as a potential activator of cultural and economic development of both the Royal Capital and the entire Montenegro.

Review of raising awareness on the importance of the aims promoted by the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, as well as the importance of the document itself, is given through several round tables and conferences. Percentage figures are presented on the participation of civil sector as the implementer of projects co-financed through public calls. The role of nongovernmental organizations in adoption of new regulations is also emphasized.

After the renewal of independence in 2006, particularly in the last 4 years, Montenegro has made significant steps forward in creating cultural policy, and therefore evident emphasis in the report is on the specific results in culture with regard to:

  • Completion of the normative framework in culture in accordance with European standards;
  • Accession to regional and international programmes for cooperation;
  • Continuous public financial assistance;
  • Promotion and renewal of the infrastructure and enhancement of cultural creations, in the context of balanced development of the culture of Montenegro (northern region);
  • Involvement of NGO sector as the holder of a significant share of cultural production;
  • Initial steps in development of creative industries as a segment of sustainable development and the field for potential use of resources, intensifying of innovation and exploiting the economic moment in creation of cultural policies;
  • Enhancement of diversity in media pluralism as the fundament for promotion of diversity of cultural expressions.

The results achieved in the measures and activities carried out so far are detected as he basis which needs to be upgraded in the future with a view to strengthen the following goals and challenges in culture: Development of human resources potentials of all relevant cultural acters; Research of efficient use of the potential of creative industries and strengthening of cultural tourism; Research in alternative forms of financing; Stimulating development of new artistic expressions; Encouragement of more intensive consummation of cultural offers.