UNESCO promotes Musical Diversity at the Worldwide Music Expo (WOMEX)

Music industry is evolving fast thanks to digital technology, leading to radical changes in the ways we create, access and value music.

UNESCO endeavors to protect and promote all kinds of cultural and creative expressions, including in the music sector. By embracing the diversity of music, we encourage people and communities everywhere to produce, access and enjoy all kinds of musical creation.

The Worldwide Music Expo (WOMEX) is a celebration of musical diversity that brings together musicians, creators, and industry professionals from all over the world.

At this year’s edition of WOMEX, taking place in Lisbon (Portugal) from 19 to 23 October, UNESCO highlights the work and impact of the International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD), as well as hosts a dedicated conference to promote policies that enhance musical diversity.  

The event will feature a panel discussion with participation from the EU/UNESCO Programme: “Supporting new regulatory frameworks to strengthen the cultural and creative industries and promote South-South cooperation”. Representatives from Costa Rica, Jamaica and Zimbabwe will share experiences about concrete steps they have taken to design policies that promote national music ecosystems.

The panel discussion will highlight the following themes:

  • The importance of smart policies to protect and promote musical ecosystems.
  • The involvement of creatives and cultural professionals in designing national policies
  • The importance of regional and global exchanges among countries to successfully implement policies.

Join us on October 21 at 16:30pm at the Altice Arena !

Watch the event live HERE

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