National consultation workshop in Colombia for the elaboration of its first periodic report on the implementation of the 2005 Convention

The Secretariat of the 2005 Convention for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions and the UNESCO Office in Quito, in cooperation with Colombia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Culture, are organizing, on 9-10 November, a national consultation workshop to mark the launch of Colombia’s first quadrennial periodic report drafting process. This workshop will be held at the Palacio San Carlos in Bogota.

This initiative is part of the "Strengthening fundamental freedoms through the promotion of diversity of cultural expressions" project funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), whose objectives are to support good governance for the promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions in 12 countries, including Colombia; and to provide technical support for the elaboration of global monitoring reports on the implementation of the 2005 Convention.

The first phase of this project in Colombia includes a national consultation meeting and aims to raise awareness of the objectives and scope of the 2005 Convention amongst stakeholders, to undertake an initial analysis of needs and opportunities, and to identify national team members who will lead the periodic report drafting process in Colombia.

To ensure the participation of a diversity of actors, this first consultation meeting will bring together experts from ministries, regional administrations, statistical institutes, civil society representatives and cultural professionals. Omar Lopez Olarte (Colombia) and Giselle Dupin (Brazil), UNESCO Expert Facility members, will facilitate the training and information exchange sessions.

With Colombia expected to submit its first periodic report to the 2005 Convention Secretariat in 2017, the capacity building workshop for the collection of information and technical writing of the periodic report will take place in December of this year.