How to Implement the CDIS in your Country

CDIS implementation takes on average 6 to 8 months and entails 4 main phases: preparatory, data collection, data analysis, results sharing and advocacy.  Experience has shown that implementation is carried out thanks to the following actors:
1. National Leading Partner
CDIS rollout requires strong leadership and efficient management by the National Leading Partner, a role often played by the Ministry of Culture.  
This partner is entrusted with ensuring the effective participation of a broad array of national stakeholders, in particular the National Statistical Agency in addition to other Ministries (Education, Planning, Social Affairs) and Civil Society Organizations. 
The leading partner is also responsible for hiring the National Country team. 
2. CDIS Country team 
The CDIS Country team is usually formed by 3-4 individuals. This team is responsible for the data collection, construction of indicators, analysis and contextualization of results, draft the Analytical Brief, and the organization of national workshops.  
This team should include one analyst with knowledge of the national culture framework and development strategies and one technical expert familiar with statistical research and methodologies. 1-2 additional team members should assist with the necessary administrative and logistics tasks. 
The UNESCO CDIS team role is to guide the rollout process and ensure the technical backstopping of data collection and the construction of the indicators. The UNESCO CDIS team will also validate all indicators constructed before including the results in the official CDIS Global Database. 
4. Field Office (optional)
The UNESCO field office and key institutional stakeholders should also be engaged during the process for support and advocacy purposes. 
Read more on the full implementation requirements and each team’s detailed role in this document. 
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