Support to the Argentinian film sector

Type of institution
National Government
  • Direct support for artists and cultural professionals
    • Social benefits
Type of measure
Ongoing support
April 2021

The National Institute of Cinema and Audio-visual Arts (INCAA) has signed an agreement with the Argentine Film Industry Union (SICA APMA) to help support the film sector, which has been paralysed by the pandemic. The agreement establishes that 6 million pesos (around USD64.000) will be paid out in three equal, monthly and consecutive instalments during the months of April, May and June 2020. The amounts are earmarked for supporting the social conditions of workers, paying for medical care, purchase of medicines and other direct aid to workers. The agreement expressly prohibits the disposal and/or application of the sums for any other purpose.

See (The INCAA signed an agreement with SICA to support the social work)

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Cinema/ Audiovisual Arts