Montevideo's fund for cultural activity

Type of institution
Local Government
  • Direct support for artists and cultural professionals
    • Commissioning and purchase of works
    • Compensation for loss of income
  • Support for sectors of the cultural and creative industries
    • Strengthening infrastructure and facilities
    • Compensation for business interruption losses
Type of measure
Emergency response
April 2020

The Fund will be implemented in collaboration with the city's artistic associations and independent cultural agents and will allow for the transfer of resources to support the sustainability of the sector. A seven-point plan has been adopted that includes, for example, support actions for the artists and groups most affected by the suspension of the different activities that are sources of income; as well as the reprogramming of contracts and activities that they would have carried out with the City's Department of Culture. The plan also includes actions to support the audiovisual sector, the music sector and the independent publishing sector. Artists will be invited to respond to a call for a creative laboratory that seeks to support «creations that contribute to understanding and facing —from the culture in motion— the experiences of the present and the future in our city and in the entire world. Art in times of quarantine is an open call to projects of any artistic expression (writing, audiovisual proposals, interdisciplinary, plastic, performance, theatrical, photographic, research projects in any field of artistic activity), that are related to the experience and the reading of this situation by the artists of Montevideo ».

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Goal(s) of UNESCO's 2005 Convention
Cultural Domain(s)
Cinema/ Audiovisual Arts
Media Arts
Performing Arts
Visual Arts