Basic income for Slovenian cultural workers

Type of institution
National Government
  • Direct support for artists and cultural professionals
    • Social benefits
Type of measure
Emergency response

In new assistamce measures for the culture sector, self-employed cultural workers will receive a three-month basic income of EUR 350 US$386) for the month of March if they prove a decline in income of at least 25% compared to February 2020, and EUR 700 (US$772) per month for April and May if they can prove a decline in income of at least 50% compared to February 2020. The State will also cover their social security contributions for these three months. Cultural workers registered with the Ministry will be eligible to the benefits. NGOS are entitled, like other employers, to government reimbursement of workers’ wages if they are unable to provide employees with work as a result of the pandemic. As part of the relief effort, the national public broadcaster RTV Slovenia will not be invoicing businesses that make use of its service in public space such as pubs, restaurants, fitness centers and tourist accommodations.

(See Minister Simoniti predisposes a global task force on culture)

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Cinema/ Audiovisual Arts
Media Arts
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