Burkina Faso
Type of institution
National Government
  • Direct support for artists and cultural professionals
    • Commissioning and purchase of works
Type of measure
Emergency response
January 2021

The online campaign #ArtistesBFcontreCovid19 (#ArtistsBFagainstCovid19) was launched in January 2021 by the National Commission of Burkina Faso to UNESCO. The campaign has engaged three artists, Philomaine Nanema, Don Sharp de Batoro and Pam Luster, to send out key messages of advocacy to help fight Covid in the country. More than 30,000 people were reached between February and March 2021 through mainstream media, including TV, radio and the written press. The campaign messages are also being shared through social media.

The campaign is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism of Burkina Faso and is part of a larger objective shared by UNESCO and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to use culture in States’ responses to COVID-19.

See (#ArtistesBFcontreCovid19, the joint cultural response of ECOWAS and UNESCO in Burkina Faso to raise awareness on Covid-19) – in French only

Goal(s) of UNESCO's 2005 Convention
Cultural Domain(s)
Visual Arts
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