Viet Nam

Region: Asia and the Pacific
Convention Status: Ratified
Date of Ratification: 7/8/2007

Point of Contact

Phuong Hoa Nguyen
International Cooperation Department, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Viet Nam
51 Ngo Quyen
Ha Noi City
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News and Events

UNESCO funds nine new projects to support culture in developing countries

Nine proposals that will boost the cultural and creative industries in nine developing countries...

Mobilizing film professionals for regional cooperation in Asia

Japan has announced support and funding for a new UNESCO initiative which aims to professionalize...

2005 Convention unites policy makers across Asia to promote contemporary creativity

Cultural policy makers and UNESCO representatives across Asia gathered for a training on cultural...

Launch of Global Report “Re|Shaping Cultural Policies” in Hanoi

UNESCO’s 2018 Global Report “Re|Shaping Cultural Policies” will be launched in Hanoi, Viet Nam...

Viet Nam: towards good governance for culture

UNESCO, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST), launched the 2018...


Viet Nam: Investing in cultural industries to bolster the economy

In recent years, Viet Nam has seen the rise of a national market for creative and cultural products. The country’s...

Capacity building in Viet Nam

Cultural and creative industries are experiencing a new era in Viet Nam. In 2014, Viet Nam developed its first “National Strategy for the...

UNESCO Culture for Development Indicators (CDIS)

The Culture for Development Indicators Suite (CDIS) is an advocacy and policy tool that...

Enhancing Fundamental Freedoms through the Diversity of Cultural Expressions

Capacity-building activities for policy monitoring serve to support evidence-based policy, also strengthening informed, transparent and...

Strengthening the System of Governance for Culture in Developing Countries

This UNESCO expert facility project is funded by the European Union and contributes to the implementation of the 2005...

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