Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Convention Status: Ratified
Date of Ratification: 16/10/2006

Point of Contact

Ministerio de Cultura - Direccion General de Industrias Culturales y Artes
Javier Prado Este 2465 San Borja
LIM Lima 41
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News and Events

Launch of the Plan for the Recovery of Cultural Industries and the Arts in Peru to 2030

 On Monday 4 April 2022, the Ministry of Culture of Peru and UNESCO will launch the National...

Three Women in Pursuit of a Better Artistic Horizon for All in Peru

Young people everywhere know that pursuing the career of their dreams is no easy task. Most choose...

Regional training of trainers on cultural policy monitoring in Latin America

 The training of trainers aims to strengthen capacities of public officials and professionals...

Ministers of Culture of Mercosur discuss recommendations of UNESCO Global Report “Re-Shaping Cultural Policies”

 The XLV meeting of Ministers of culture of Mercosur will be hosted by UNESCO on June 27, 2019...

Greater civil society participation in Peru will inspire better cultural policies

Diverse faces of Peruvian creative sector gathered on 14 May 2019 in Lima: among two hundred...


Elaboration of a strategy to inform the monitoring and knowledge of the working conditions of artists and cultural professionals in Peru

The objective of the proposed project is to carry out an investigation to collect data on the working conditions of artists in the Peruvian context,...

UNESCO scales up support to improve the status of the artist worldwide

The UNESCO-Aschberg programme offers direct assistance to member states to further the implementation of the 2005...

ResiliArt in Peru

ResiliArt completed 8 May 2020

ResiliArt in Peru

Completed ResiliArt 19 April 2020, attended by Rebeca Raez, Cátedra UNESCO en Patrimonio Cultural y Turismo Sostenible


ResiliArt sheds light on the current state of creative industries amidst crisis. Through...

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