Region: Africa
Convention Status: Ratified
Date of Ratification: 14/3/2007

Point of Contact

Tahirou Ganda
Ministère de la Renaissance Culturelle, des Arts et de la Modernisation Sociale
BP 215

News and Events

Niger presents its first periodic report of the UNESCO 2005 Convention

The restitution workshop of the first periodical report of Niger was held on Thursday 19 April at...

Niger’s Music & Audiovisual Professionals Profit from Copyright Education – IFCD making an Impact

Empowering creative professionals in Niger with key information on copyright laws has contributed...


Strengthening the System of Governance for Culture in Developing Countries

This UNESCO expert facility project is funded by the European Union and contributes to the implementation of the 2005...

Young Specialists in Africa

Africa is a strong supporter of the 2005 Convention, boasting a high ratification rate. Many countries in the region...

Available Periodic Report(s)

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May 2022
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