Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Convention Status: Ratified
Date of Ratification: 5/7/2006

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4 New projects awarded under UNESCO-Sabrina Ho initiative

“You Are Next”, a UNESCO-Sabrina Ho initiative, rewards four outstanding projects which will be...

UNESCO-Sabrina Ho initiative for women in the digital creative industries awards four outstanding projects

On August 31, UNESCO announced the four winning projects of the new "U40 Empowered, UNESCO-Sabrina...

Seven new projects set to receive IFCD funding

On 13 December 2017, seven initiatives to boost the creative economy around the world were selected...

Discover IFCD projects in the latest United Nations Youth Flash!

The latest edition of the United Nations Youth Flash featured two of the 90 projects financed to...

Creative economy and artistic freedom at the heart of the International Fair of Cultures

The City of Mexico (CDMX) and the International Friendly Fair of Cultures (FICA), in cooperation...

Contributions to IFCD:

July 2018 | US$ 46 853.00
May 2018 | US$ 5 000.00
January 2017 | US$ 12.00
December 2016 | US$ 4 988.00
January 2016 | US$ 36 208.00



UNESCO Culture for Development Indicators (CDIS)

The Culture for Development Indicators Suite (CDIS) is an advocacy and policy tool that...