Region: Asia and the Pacific
Convention Status: Ratified
Date of Ratification: 12/1/2012

Point of Contact

Hilmar Farid
Directorate General of Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman
Jakarta 10270 DKI Jakarta

News and Events

Struggle for survival - Resilience is key as Southeast Asia's independent creatives look to new revenue streams during the Covid-19 pandemic

In early 2020, just as the Covid-19 pandemic was peaking in China, Sasapin Siriwanij, artistic...

Women Cultural Entrepreneurs Bring Color to Indonesia’s Heritage

UNESCO fosters creative entrepreneurship in IndonesiaAsh grey like the Buddha statues in every...

Indonesian National Human Rights Commission Embraces Artistic Freedom

The Indonesian National Commission for Human Rights (Komnas HAM), pledges for Artistic Freedom in...

UNESCO’s “Digital Creativity Lab” funds 4 new projects to address digital gap in the creative sector

Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) are among the most hit by the COVID-19 crisis, and the...

Measuring diversity in the Indonesian media landscape

The media are producers, distributors, diffusers and mediators of cultural contents. By showcasing...


Protecting Musicians’ Intellectual Property in Digital Platforms in Indonesia

The goal of the project is to create an enabling environment for the musicians’ community in Indonesia to enjoy a fair remuneration of their creation...

Digital Creativity Lab

Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) are among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis, prompting a massive migration of cultural activities to...

Monitoring and promoting artistic freedom in Indonesia

This project focuses on a key area of the 2005 Convention: “Protecting and promoting cultural diversity by guaranteeing human rights and...

UNESCO scales up support to improve the status of the artist worldwide

The UNESCO-Aschberg programme offers direct assistance to member states to further the implementation of the 2005...

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