Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Convention Status: Ratified
Date of Ratification: 16/1/2007

Point of Contact

Gisele DUPIN
Ministère du Tourisme Secrétariat Spécial de la Culture
Esplanada do Ministério, Bloco B, 3°andar
Brazilia - AM
CEP 70068-900

News and Events

Ministers of Culture of Mercosur discuss recommendations of UNESCO Global Report “Re-Shaping Cultural Policies”

 The XLV meeting of Ministers of culture of Mercosur will be hosted by UNESCO on June 27, 2019...

Mind the Gap: gender equality in the film industry

Discussions on gender equality in the film industry have gained increasing momentum in the last...

Launch of UNESCO’s Global Report “Re|Shaping Cultural Policies” in Brazil

UNESCO’s 2018 Global Report Re|Shaping Cultural Policies will be launched in Sao Paolo,...

Seven new projects set to receive IFCD funding

On 13 December 2017, seven initiatives to boost the creative economy around the world were selected...
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Enabling indigenous people to produce digital books and become creative entrepreneurs in Brazil

The non-governmental organization, Thydêwá joined forces with UNESCO's International Fund for...


ResiliArt in Brazil

Upcoming ResiliArt 15 May 2020 “Museums in time of pandemic – Innovation and perspectives”

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