Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Convention Status: Ratified
Date of Ratification: 2/10/2008

Point of Contact

Donna Greene-Rusnighi
Cultural Policy and Research Section, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth
Sky Mall, Haggatt Hall
St. Michael

News and Events

UNESCO launches in Barbados new study on cultural trade policies for the Caribbean

The launch of UNESCO's first impact study, “Culture in the CARIFORUM-European Union Economic...

Eight new projects approved for IFCD funding

On 11 December 2018, eight initiatives that will boost the cultural and creative industries in 13...

Investing in creativity in the Caribbean through UNESCO's 2005 Convention

Best known for its music scene and for being home to world stars such as Bob Marley, the queen of...


Barbados: Strengthening entrepreneurship through policies and strategies

Barbados enjoys a vibrant cultural scene but faces challenges that hinder the cultural sector’s growth. The country...

Strengthening the System of Governance for Culture in Developing Countries

This UNESCO expert facility project is funded by the European Union and contributes to the implementation of the 2005...

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