Parties and the Convention


A State or regional economic integration organization that has ratified the Convention becomes a Party to the Convention.    

Among the activities that Parties can undertake to implement the Convention are to:

  • Introduce cultural policies and other measures that enable the creation, production, distribution and enjoyment of a diversity of domestic cultural goods, services and activities;
  • Engage a wide range of actors in the development of cultural policies and programmes, especially civil society;
  • Incorporate culture in sustainable development strategies, policies and programmes at all levels;
  • Encourage and engage in international cooperation to facilitate the mobility of artists as well as the flow of cultural goods and services especially those from the global south;
  • Facilitate developed countries’ cultural exchanges with developing countries by granting preferential treatment to artists, cultural professionals, goods and services from developing countries;
  • Ensure information sharing and transparency on measures taken to protect and promote the diversity of cultural expressions;
  • Promote the public’s understanding of the importance of the diversity of cultural expressions through educational and awareness-raising programmes.

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