Parliamentarians and the Convention

Parliamentarians are uniquely positioned to promote the Convention, to inspire and to educate on the domestic front, and to connect, exchange and learn at the international level. They consequently play a fundamental role in connecting domestic constituencies and the international community, enabling both to benefit from the novel experiences and ideas of the other.

Examples of parliamentarians' activities:

  • approve / ratify the Convention
  • take a leadership role in setting priorities that incorporate the main objectives of the Convention
  • allocate / adopt budgets that support domestic priorities as well as those supporting international priorities, such as contributing to the International Fund for Cultural Diversity
  • adopt new legislation or modify existing laws so that they reflect the principles and objectives of the Convention
  • hold policy debates with public authorities, civil society, the private sector and small and medium-sized cultural enterprises
  • bring the Convention to their constituents through cultural events and awareness-raising activities, and adapting the Convention's language to reflect the needs and realities of their constituencies

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